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  • Community Beat for 23 September

    23. September 2022 17:00

    Welcome back pilots to the Community Beat!

    Can you believe this is already the 25th issue of the Community Beat?! Fifty weeks ago we started on a journey to help introduce players to the myriad of EVE’s community resources, in-game events, out-of-game gatherings, developer chats – anything and everything!

    Let’s get to it!

    If You Build It…


    We’ve featured YouCaldarian before, but he’s at it again making amazing – and incredibly detailed - ship models. Check out his latest Tengu, complete with the Exoplanets Hunter SKIN. We’re not quite sure how YouCaldairan managed to level Caldari Starship Engineering to VI – but we love the results!

    Alliance Tournament Getting Closer!


    New Eden’s premier competitive PvP tournament: The Alliance Tournament, is just around the corner. This week CCP Zelus and CCP Convict took to CCPTV for the live seeding of the Tournament bracket. Each year a different groups sponsors the Alliance Tournament, and this year the Minmatar Republic have taken that mantle.

    For teams that didn’t bid directly into the competition, the Minmatar have setup a very unique play-in tournament called the Trials Tournament. Teams are broken down into different groups, representing each of the seven Tribes, and the winners of each group stage proceed to the main Tournament in November. Second place teams from each Tribe go into a redemption pool for one final shot at glory.

    Mark your calendars because the action kicks off next weekend, October 1st & 2nd!

    Strategic Looks

    The Loki, Proteus, Tengu and Legion belong to a special class of ships called Strategic Cruisers. Unlike most ships, these ships change their bonuses based on which Subsystem is equipped. Different Subsystems also change the ships appearance. If you come across one of these ships in space and you need to decide whether to run or fight, it’s incredibly helpful to know what you’re up against. Thankfully for us, Mazzic Karde put together a Visual Strategic Cruiser Identification Guide!


    For those wanting to go even more advanced, he’s got a follow-up guide for identifying turrets and launchers. Commit these to memory and you can know exactly the type of ship you’re up against – potentially before the fight even starts. Use your superior EVE knowledge to eek out a victory, or perform a dashing escape.

    Burnin’ for you!

    While working for mission agents, occasionally pilots will run across “Burner Missions” - incredibly high-value missions with no penalty for declining. Players familiar with these sites often run missions exclusively for these, while others choose to skip them entirely. If you fall into that latter category, Erstschlag has made a compelling case as to why you should overheat out of your comfort zone and tackle these head on!

    In Space Nobody Can Hear You…Add

    There’s so much great content this week! As we learned in the Uprising Announcement, updates to Factional Warfare are coming in November. While not exclusively PvP oriented, there is quite a lot of PvP content for all levels of play. Many pilots have said it’s a great way to dip your toes into PvP, and we tend to agree.

    Some of the most rewarding fights come down to perfect execution, and in the above video capsuleer Hookk perfectly diagrams a well-crafted engagement. From the killmail alone the fight would seem completely mundane, but these inside looks show just how much EVE knowledge & understanding your fleets capabilities can do. He also includes some fleet lexicon, so in your first fleet you can sound like a seasoned vet!

    That’s it for this week, space friends! Head on over to the EVE Online Forums to let us know what you thought of the Beat this week, or if there’s anything you’re interested in hearing about moving forward.

  • Mass Test on Singularity - 27 September

    22. September 2022 17:00

    Greetings Capsuleers,

    On Tuesday 27th September at 17:00 UTC we will be conducting a Mass Test on the Singularity server to test several technical improvements aimed at improving your audio and visual experience, while drastically improving performance:

    • EVE now fully supports variable refresh rates, which allows the use of Freesync and G-sync. If you have a system, it will be automatically used and ensure a smooth visual experience.
    • Sound prioritization has undergone several improvements since the last mass test. Audio in EVE now sounds much clearer and will use drastically less CPU, resulting in more immersive and clearer sound experience, especially during heavy scenes.
    • There has been major refactoring in how we handle controllers for ships, which improves performance. This is most noticeable when many ships are rendered at the same time, like in fleet fights. The memory usage of the client is also significantly improved in these cases. We’ve also improved how long it takes for the client to load and unload ships, which gives a smoother gameplay experience.

    You can read more about these improvements in our latest EVE Evolved Devblog

    During the test, we will be examining performance in the following situations:

    • Docking, undocking, warping, and jumping of fleets
    • Shooting an Upwell Structure
    • A Fleet fight at a gate

    How to connect to Singularity for this test:

    • Change the server from Tranquility to Singularity in the bottom right corner of the launcher and log in as normal.
    • More detailed instructions on connecting to Singularity are available here

    Please refer to this forum post for more information on the testing procedure.

    When logged in on Singularity use the command /moveme in any chat window and select the system FD-MLJ from the pop up to be relocated to the testing system.

    Your attendance would be most welcome! All participants will receive be rewarded with two million skill points on Singularity.

  • EVE Evolved

    21. September 2022 17:05

    Tenacious Capsuleers,

    As EVE edges ever closer to the Uprising expansion’s full release, various teams around CCP are working on continual investment into the underlying tech of New Eden. This commitment, known as EVE Evolved, ensures that EVE Online remains at the forefront of visual and sensory fidelity for now and into the future.

    Furthering that story, another EVE Evolved release is now available on the Singularity test server. This time, there is a focus on audio and tech improvements, alongside even more upgrades to Photon UI.

    Hearing is Believing

    The headline feature in this EVE Evolved release are the improvements to sound prioritization on grid in EVE, marking the beginning of several coming audio updates. This means that sounds happening closer to you will be given priority over distant sounds.

    This sound priority system will improve your gameplay twofold. For one, you can expect a more immersive, convincing soundscape as the thud of weapon fire pounds your enemies’ hull (or perhaps even your own!). This system will also serve to reduce CPU usage by about 75% during busy scenes, such as large battles, helping improve your overall performance during fights. That means it's time to turn the sound on, turn the volume up, and enjoy battles that are more immersive and dramatic, without sacrificing performance.

    1 Charts

    On the subject of performance increases, this EVE Evolved release will also introduce controller refactoring; a behind the scenes adjustment that significantly reduces memory usage for heavy, busy scenes, while providing improved load/unload times.

    There is a mass test scheduled on Singularity on 27 September, so be sure to attend if you want to experience the magic for yourself! Until then, have a read of the latest dev blog that talks in a little more detail about how this all works.

    Next-Gen Visual Performance

    On the visual side of the upgraded sensory experience, AMD Freesync is coming to EVE for those with a monitor, supported configurations and GPU that supports the technology. You can expect this to bring an end to screen tearing while delivering buttery smooth gameplay. Look out for a dev blog coming soon with the juicy details on just how this helps you!

    AMD-Freesync 1920x1080

    UI Improvements Powered by You

    The evolution of EVE’s user interface will also continue with the next EVE Evolved release. This iteration of Photon UI will upgrade the Neocom to the Photon style, while introducing a number of improvements, such as an enhanced compact window which gives you more control over how you see your inventories. Each of these UI elements will become much more readable, following the drone window updates that debuted earlier this month that already saw adjustments to controls and prior visibility issues. Everything underway with the Photon UI has been carefully planned to help modernize the EVE Online experience, guided by you.

    Photon-UI Beta 1920x1080

    Additionally, in October this version of Photon UI will become opt-out for the first time. This will ensure that players of a wide variety of playstyles, areas, and experiences are exposed to the UI. We will also be closely monitoring how you use Photon UI, capturing data that lets us understand and refine how the system works for you and your fellow players. But we need more than data alone. The more players that can give feedback, the better for the entire EVE community, so be sure to have your say on the EVE forums. Previously around 13% of pilots have opted into Photon UI. With the move to opt-out, we ‘re excited to get even more feedback as this new feature evolves with your input. And you can still opt-out of using Photon for the meantime, but please share detailed feedback on your reasoning. It will all help make sure Photon UI is the best it can be.

    EVE Evolved – Forever Evolving

    That’s not all for EVE Evolved this year. Later, with the Uprising expansion, you’ll be seeing a plethora of updates that help immerse you in the ultimate space sandbox MMO that is EVE Online:

    • Turret audio updates – experience an incredibly immersive soundscape!
    • New dungeon music – new backing tracks for your space badassery.
    • AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution – further boost your framerate in EVE while improving performance.
    • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion – improves the appearance of hangars.
    • And more....

    So, there’s a lot to look forward to in a short space of time! The future of EVE is a bright one and with the EVE Evolved you can be sure that EVE Forever becomes reality.

    Once you’ve had a go with these features, be sure to give your feedback on the EVE forums to help direct efforts to where you, the players, want to see improvements.

  • Sound Prioritization

    21. September 2022 17:00

    Bass-Blasting Capsuleers,

    We are excited to announce that the audio feature originally demoed at Fanfest is being released in October and is already available for testing on Singularity! Sound prioritization, previously known as "audio culling”, drastically reduces CPU usage from the audio system during large fights. Not only does sound prioritization save on the CPU, but it also significantly improves the overall sound experience of EVE Online by intelligently choosing the most important sounds to play, along with limiting the overall number of sounds allowed to be played at once. That means more nuance, clarity, and realism across New Eden’s soundscape.

    We know that a common fleet doctrine suggests that players disable audio when going into a large fleet fight. We can speculate that this has always been both because of how much CPU audio takes in large fights, as well as the cacophony of sounds that can be produced in such situations. Tackling those problems was exactly what motivated the creation of the sound prioritization feature, with a view to letting pilots turn their sound on and experience more immersive combat with a rich, dynamic audio backdrop that brings the battle to life. But before we dive into sound prioritization itself, let’s explore the challenge of those previous limitations.

    EVE: The Demanding Boss

    Have you ever had a boss that overloads you with so many tasks that you are constantly scrambling to keep up?

    This is exactly what the relationship between EVE and its audio engine has always been like; EVE filling the role of demanding boss and its audio engine the devoted (if overwhelmed) employee. Let's see what a "dialogue" between EVE and its third-party audio engine, called Wwise, would look like:

    2 Boss-Image Bad

    The audio engine, while highly capable, can't keep up with EVE's tremendous demands, so it starts using 100% of its allotted CPU. The following video is what a scenario like this can sound like along with the audio engine's CPU usage:

    Now, let's look at how sound prioritization moves the EVE client from being a demanding boss to a supportive and fair boss instead.

    EVE: The Good Guy Boss

    To be a supportive and fair boss, the EVE client needs to consider what is important when it comes to audio, and to make reasonable requests of Wwise, giving it some breathing room to render the sounds. Let's take another look at the "dialogue" between EVE and Wwise except this time let's play out what it would look like if EVE were the kind of boss we all deserve:

    3 Boss-Image Good

    The results of being a less demanding, more focused boss to the sound system can be heard immediately:

    Simply removing sounds indiscriminately is easy. However, this would give a less nuanced audio experience, so it is not the route we are taking. We want to deliver the best audio experience; not just throw as many sounds at you as possible. As part of this work, we had to consider carefully what sounds are considered 'important', which is a big question!

    How Sounds are Prioritized

    The sound prioritization system keeps track of all origin points from which sounds emit. The term used for this is "audio emitter". Based on how important an audio emitter is, it will either be kept alive and exposed to the audio engine, or it will be put to sleep and kept hidden from the audio engine entirely.

    The most important factor when prioritizing audio emitters is how far away it is from the player's camera. The emitters that are closest to the camera are considered more important. In fact, the prototype shown at Fanfest was using only distance as its prioritization criteria. However, when applying only distance-based prioritization to anything outside of battles, it was killing off important environmental sounds. After Fanfest, the following additional factors were added for the sound prioritization to consider whether an emitter:

    • has ever been used to play a sound.
    • is actively playing a sound.
    • has sound in range of the listener.
    • is visible to the camera.
    • is playing a sound marked as "vital" by a sound designer.
    • is playing a 2D sound – A 2D sound is one that has no position in 3D space and is purely in stereo. Usually, if a 2D sound is playing in EVE then the sound designers meant for it to be an added atmospheric layer.
    • has a "one shot" queued to be played - A "one shot" is just a sound that has a clear 'start' and 'end', which is not designed to loop. A typical example of this is the sound of an explosion or the impact of a rocket.

    All the above factors are considered to decide the "weight" of an audio emitter. With this value, we can decide how important a sound is in each scene.

    Let's Talk Performance

    As was shown in a previous video, sound prioritization cuts the CPU usage of EVE's audio engine in heavy scenes by about 75%. In a scene of around 2000 ships, previously the CPU used by the audio thread could easily reach its defined limit, in turn limiting the clarity and finesse of the soundscape.

    Glance at the CPU usage comparison image below, and it's clear to see that the audio thread is regularly hitting 100% utilization when sound prioritization is disabled. When that happens, and the sound becomes cluttered or impacts performance, players understandably start to disable audio in busy scenes. Look to the right-hand side of the image, where sound prioritization is turned on, and the reduced demand on CPU is striking.

    1 Charts

    Because sound prioritization has a hard limit on how many audio emitters will be used, the cost of the audio thread on the CPU will stay between 20% to 30%. This stands true no matter how many ships are on screen at the same time. This may increase slightly if we add more complexity to sounds in the future, but this system allows us to have very tight control over how much CPU we use.

    Let's Talk About the Soundscape

    Sound prioritization doesn't just improve your game performance by freeing up system resources, it also improves the overall soundscape of EVE tremendously, and in almost every situation. You will notice a crisper sound experience, where it will be possible to hear the details of objects you are focused on while still getting the environmental cues necessary for gameplay. Where the soundscape could have felt overwhelming previously, you will now be able to enjoy the amazing sounds created by our talented sound designers.

    It is much easier to hear the difference rather than write about it! Here is a clip from the last mass test that shows the differences between having sound prioritization on and off:


    We've already had one mass test and made changes based on player feedback. Another mass test is scheduled for the 27th of September, and we would love to see you there! While this feature is now available on Singularity for testing, it will be available to all players as part of the EVE Evolved update on October 11th. We are very excited to bring this improved audio experience to you and look forward to your feedback.

    Fly safe, turn your sound on, and turn up your volume!

  • Cruiser Clash in the Proving Grounds

    21. September 2022 15:00

    Coordinated Capsuleers,

    Join your allies aboard powerful & flexible Tech I cruisers and prove the strength of your teamwork in fierce 2v2 clashes during the next Abyssal Proving Ground event!

    This event begins at 11:00 UTC on 24 September, and runs until 11:00 UTC on 26 September.

    The ruleset is as follows:

    • Only the Omen, Caracal, Thorax, Stabber, Maller, Moa, Vexor, Rupture, Arbitrator, Blackbird, Celestis, and Bellicose may enter
    • Turret and Missile damage is increased by 25% in this arena
    • 100% bonus to the benefits of overheating tackle, propulsion, repair, resistance, and energy warfare modules, as well as turrets and missile launchers
    • Shield rechargers, boost amplifiers, power relays, and flux coils, core defense field purgers, sensor dampeners, and weapon disruptors cannot be fitted
    • Pilots receive 5m ISK for every match where they deal at least 4000 damage
    • Ships entering this arena may fit a maximum of one local repair module
    • Modules are restricted to meta level 4 and below
    • No pirate implants allowed

    Grab your teammate and ship, load up your Proving Grounds Filaments, (available in Abyssal Deadspace caches, in Triglavian wrecks in Pochven, or on the in-game market), and fight for glorification side-by-side in the depths of the Abyss – making your mark on the leaderboards and earning special rewards!

  • Patch Notes - Version 20.08

    21. September 2022 13:00


    The following page will list patch notes for all updates within this release (Version 20.08). We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on EVE Online forums:

    Initial Release Date: 2022-09-13
    Last update: 2022-09-21

    🤝 - Indicates a change inspired by player's feedback or suggestions.

    RELEASES:    2022-09-13.1 |    2022-09-14.1 |    2022-09-15.1 |    2022-09-20.1 |    2022-09-21.1 |

    Patch Notes For 2022-09-21.1

    Defect Fixes:

    User Interface:
    • Fixed an issue where the 'Sell PLEX for ISK' button in the Inventory and Wallet was not working.

    Patch Notes For 2022-09-20.1

    Defect Fixes:

    • Removed expired Liberation Games boosters from the market.
    User Interface:
    • Several UI sounds like for the Directional Scanner and Project Discovery are now again playing each event and not only every few events.
    • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to add more than 2 items to the Sell window the first time it was opened.
    Photon UI:
    • Fixed an issue where the Drone count was sometimes incorrect.

    Patch Notes For 2022-09-15.1

    Defect Fixes:

    • Fixed an issue with the Compression Window UI not correctly updating after compressing ore.
    • The AIR NPE introduction video will now have subtitles when the client is set to Spanish.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Mac client to spam error into logs.
    User Interface:
    • You are now able to use the Selected Items window to Launch Drones, Engage Target, and Scoop to Drones Bay again.
    • The Planetary Industry section of the Agency now opens correctly.

    Patch Notes For 2022-09-14.1

    Defect Fixes:

    New Player Experience:
    • Various window and input restrictions from the AIR NPE will no longer be carried over into the first Career Agent mission.
    Photon UI:
    • Wallet settings now save after you have closed the window.
    • Shattered Planets now have the correct label next to them in the in-space right click menu.
    • Structures now appear again in the in-space right click menu.

    Patch Notes For 2022-09-13.1

    Features & Changes

    Defect Fixes

    Features & Changes:

    Air Career Program:
    • Careers, Activities and Goals can be dragged into chat and mails to have their details shared.

    The first steps have been taken to localize EVE Online into European Spanish. Some aspects of the game client, the official EVE Online web site and the official forums are now available in Spanish. We will be iterating on and adding to the translations, working with the players to build on todays release. 🤝

    • Spanish Help and Recruitment Channels have been added in-game.
    • Additional updates have been made to Korean, Japanese, German, French, and Russian text.
    User Interface:
    • It is now possible to multi-fit strategic cruisers. 🤝 (Wormholer btw)
    • The Apply Skill Points windows will automatically set the number of skill points needed to train to the next level. 🤝

    Photon UI:

    • Moved the "Toggle Market Ticker" option to the top right 'More' menu of the window.
    • Updated Drones window.
      • Using Compact Mode now removes the header of the window.
      • Added Launch Drones, Engage Target, Return and Orbit,and Return to Drone Bay buttons to groups.
      • Changed the 'Aggressive/Passive' radio buttons to an 'Auto Attack' checkbox.
      • Improved Tooltips.
      • Improved feedback when dragging and dropping Drones.
    • Added Anomalies to the in-space right-click menu.
    • Planet type now displayed in the in-space right-click menu.
    • Clicking on the sub-menu of Asteroid Belts, Planets, Stargates, Stations, and Anomalies will now warp the ship to 0m. This is also the case with the Moons sub-menu as well as clicking Customs Office.

    Join us in the discussion on the Drone Window as well as other additions to Photon UI on the EVE Online forums.

    Defect Fixes:

    • Sounds are now properly stopped at logging off to character selection screen.
    AIR Career Program:
    • Increased Reward Crate volumes to match the items inside to prevent accidentally overloading of ships cargo hold when crate is opened while inside a ship. Also because of physics.
    • The screen no longer gets stuck while docking.
    • Reward Crates are now in the strong boxes category of the market.
    • Fixed some overlapping issues between text and icons on different languages for the Career Program.

    • Edencom Heavy GunStar turret wrecks now have an icon.
    • Angel structure glass sections are now shown with the correct shader.
    • Monument camera "Look At" locators have been tweaked to no longer encounter zoom issues.
    • The blood splatter patterns on Blood Raider structures has been ... corrected. The Blood Raiders thank everyone who donated corpses to the cause.

    New Player Experience:
    • New players now have improved instructions on steps to take when selling items.
    • New players now have improved instructions on steps to take when starting a Career path.
    • Removed the 'View in Ship Tree' button in the AIR Astero's information window.

    • Cash Flow For Capsuleers (1 of 10) will now only complete after all enemies within the site are destroyed.
    • Aura will again instruct players to flee the site during Cash Flow for Capsuleers (4 of 10).

    • Fixed an issue with the Faction Warfare agency section taking a long time to load.
    • Redeem Queue pointer now says "this element doesn't appear on your screen right now" rather than claiming the pointer is invalid when the player has no items in their redeeming queue. Pointers have feelings, too.

    User Interface:
    • Adjusted Customization label position in the Character Customization screen to avoid overflow.
    • Security color for systems will now appear correctly in both the Contracts and Contract details windows.
    • Aligned the used Calibration meter to its boundary in the Fitting window.
    • Pressing the Compare button under Variations tab of the Show Info window now adds variations to the Compare Tool window again.
    • The Next button in the Contacts section of the People & Places window now shows correctly if the user has more than 50 contacts.
    • Item names in Trade window no longer overlap when dropped on character portrait.
    • The performance of the Personal Assets window has been improved.
    • The Apply Skill Points window no longer has overflowing elements.
    • Removed the option of adding Moon Chunk to the Overview.
    • The D-Scan graphic now always follows your ship.
    • Text for the 'Membership applications enabled' checkbox has been re-added.
    • Fixed an issue with the "Fit Ship" button being incorrectly grayed out when fitting a T3 cruiser.
    • Removed the view in ship tree button from the AIR Astero's information window.
    • Fixed an issue causing new notes to not be correctly saved in some circumstances.
    • Fixed an issue resulting in no error being thrown when selling multiple damaged items.
    • You will no longer incorrectly see the market order history for another character on the same account if they share the same corporation.
    • Fixed an issue where the top of the Upwell Cargo Deposit window was not responsive.

    Photon UI:

    • No longer any overlapping elements on the Planetary Industry section of the Agency.
    • The 'View Application' and 'Apply to Join' windows within the Alliances section of the Corporation window no longer have overlapping elements.
    • The close button on the New Event window that pops up on login no longer overflows the window.
    • The "Open Existing Bug Reports" button in the Report Bug window no longer overlaps any window elements and the button now works correctly. Alanis Morissette was dissapointed she had to remove "Bugs with bug reports" from her next song.
    • The Launchpad location drop down on the Customs Office Configure window is no longer overflowing the window.
    • The Customs Office Upgrade Hold window no longer has overlapping UI elements.
    • Reintroduced the line between Sellers and Buyers in the Market Data section of the Regional Market window.
    • The Set Quantity window in Repair Facilities no longer has overlapping elements.
    • The clickable area of the small action buttons has been made larger when the Selected Items window has been resized to its smallest.
    • The New Event window in the Calendar now looks correct.
    • No longer any overlapping elements in the Corporation Ads section of the Corporation window.
    • The 'Mailing list management' window now shows correctly.
    • Removed the persistent glow effect after right-clicking on icons in the Neocom.
    • Compress button no longer highlights for a moment if ore that cannot be compressed is added to compression window.
    • No longer any overlap in the Factional warfare Infrastructure hub upgrade window.
    • Text is now visible in drop-down list in the New Eden store.
    • The Mail Subject field no longer overlaps the text format options.
    • Notes field now accessible after choosing Shared Folder option in Create Folder window.
    • The Create Decoration window no longer has overlapping elements.
    • The Give Shares window from within the Corporation Wallet no longer has overlapping elements.
    • The lower half of the Change Active Division button can now be clicked.
    • We have made a change to the Personal Assets window that makes it more responsive when searching and loading items.
    • The Progress bar for Seasons that shows Points Earned is now aligned correctly.
    • Text is no longer cut off in the Inventory window when using the icon view.
    • Opening the Cargo of a wreck when the Inventory is in Compact Mode will no longer open a separate window.
    • The Accept button when finishing a resource wars mining site is now clickable again.
    • Using the Radial Menu for Drones now works correctly.
    • Pressing 'Engage Target' on a group of drones now sends all drone in the group. No drone left behind.
  • Coronation Day Sale

    20. September 2022 13:10

    Display your allegiance to the throne as the Amarr Empire enters its seventh year under the divine rule of Empress Catiz I, with select Crown and Sword & Imperial Jubilee SKINs returning to the in-game NES at 20% off and a special Imperial Jubilee Pack on sale on the EVE Store during this year’s Coronation Day celebrations!

    The Crown and Sword SKIN series symbolizes the Pax e Kilizhi Do (or “Peace of Two Swords”), an ancient doctrine that serves as the foundation upon which Empress Catiz’s vision for future of Amarr has been continually built since her coronation in YC118, while the Imperial Jubilee series ornately evokes the celebratory spirit that rings across every Amarr world each year.

    Crown and Sword SKINs for the Imperial Navy Slicer, Devoter, Malediction, Purifier, Anathema, Confessor, Zealot, Curse, Prophecy, Ark, Apostle, and Revelation, and Imperial Jubilee SKINs for the Dragoon, Harbinger, Guardian, Damnation, Redeemer, and Paladin are on sale in the NES at 20% off.

    The Imperial Jubilee pack available in the EVE Store includes 30 days of Omega, 100 PLEX, and Imperial Jubilee SKINs for the Vengeance, Coercer, Sacrilege, Oracle, Armageddon, and Abaddon.

    These offers are available only during Coronation Day celebrations from 20 September to 2 October – so adorn your indomitable starships in the colors of holy Amarr while you can!

  • Save 50% on Omega + MCT!

    16. September 2022 13:00

    The more the merrier: Save 50% on select Omega + MCT packages from 16-26 September!

    Take advantage of this limited-time offer and train skills on a second character alongside your main, with both gaining the doubled training speed of clone state Omega! MCT (Multi-Character Training) is activated as soon as you purchase one of these Omega + MCT packages, so be sure to add skills to both queues ahead of time.

    EVE News 820xAnyHeigt EN.png

    With Omega enabling access to all skills, ships, and modules in EVE alongside its bonus to training speed, make full use of this offer to unlock your true potential as a Capsuleer and accelerate toward your goals in New Eden!

  • Welcoming Spanish-Speaking Capsuleers

    11. September 2022 13:00

    Worldwide capsuleers,

    EVE Online is about immersion in a rich universe, one that capsuleers have helped shape from the beginning. To that end, we were thrilled to announce at Fanfest that the EVE experience would soon be available in the Spanish language. With the soft launch of the long-requested and highly anticipated Spanish client, live now on the Tranquility server, you can now jump in and enjoy EVE en Español for the first time!

    European Spanish is the foundation, but the aim is to faithfully incorporate the shared terminology and culture that EVE’s Spanish-speaking community has developed over the course of EVE’s lifetime. To that end, we've partnered up with a number of Spanish-speaking players to make this happen, and would like to give huge thanks to DR4GONS, Juvenius, orik Kado, Rei Arzi, IcyMind Arierep, Vizary Stahl, and Juno Swanteisger for their invaluable assistance.


    The live soft launch on Tranquility consists of a partially translated EVE client, and is now offering every Spanish-speaking capsuleer the opportunity to dive in, experience it, and provide feedback to further refine what will eventually be a fully translated client.

    Get directly involved on the official EVE Spanish Forum to share comments & feedback and help develop EVE’s Spanish language experience!

    The storied communities and friendships forged between New Eden’s intrepid capsuleers have always formed the heart and soul of EVE, and we’re excited to bring Spanish-speaking players an accessible way to fully share in the invaluable EVE community – starting with the soft launch and culminating in a full Spanish release in Q4 2022.

    Fly safe – we'll see you in space!

  • Community Beat for 9 September

    10. September 2022 01:00

    Greetings Spacefriends we are back again with another hit of the Community Beat!

    Let’s have a look at some of the community-created content from the last few weeks and what’s coming up!

    Union Day Winner Makes a Splash!

    The Caldari Union Day event recently ended and all of you made some amazing contributions towards deciding who was going to be awarded Jita 4-4’s Security Contract and become the new protectors of Jita. This year’s winner, squeezing in a victory by 0.21% of all the points, was Wiyrkomi!

    Union Day YC124 Results

    CCP Fozzie has posted the stats on the forums as well - we'd love to hear what you did for the event too, did you score big? Who did you support?

    Whilst we're on the topic of Union day though:

    Union Day and Samanuni Construction Project

    Archur State Mountain Report has been covering some of the developments in the story arc for several months now and their latest video brings us news on the construction project being worked on by the Caldari over in Samanuni, as well as a few highlights on the recent Union Day:

    Armed Piñata Hunt snaps

    This last week saw the return of GM Week, a week-long of some of the community's favorite interactions with our GM team. One of those events, was an “Armed Piñata Hunt” and Eric Nguyen over on Twitter snapped and posted some incredibly cool shots from the event:

    FcJa3--agAERlFFcJa3--akAImdNZFcJa3-9aUAARJ3JFcJa3 AaQAEvIdP

    Be sure to check out their Flickr album too which is filled with other beautiful pictures!

    Eve Music Parody – “Fleet Together”

    If you are not aware of the music wizard that is “aulorana equlisers” (aka EQ), it’s time to introduce you! EQ has been producing music for a little while now - the last time we tuned in to one of his streams he was remixing some of the Hybrid/Railgun Turret sounds and trying to use it as a backing track to an Eve song. His latest compilation that has been published is an Eve Parody of the old Beatles track “Come Together” which he has appropriately named, “Fleet Together” Check it out:

    EQ Is also on Spotify as well if you want to check out some of their other content.

    Googly Eyes Make Everything Better

    T’Amber is an incredibly creative individual, playing around with creating wild ship skins and ship attachments, from Ears on Avatars to animated. His most recent one, (with the help of DerSchmale on GitHub for the code to do it and Corvus for the idea) has been with the addition of Googly eyes!

    Googly eyes really do make everything better.

    Ingame Player Event: Tribute to Bob!

    Screenshot - 1920x1080 To a lot of Wormholers, the deity known as Bob is something that blesses/curses the realm based on favour, and it’s felt that occasionally, sacrifices need to be made to Bob. In celebration of Wormholer Mark Resurrectus being voted by the players onto the CSM, a promise of a sacrifice of a Zirnitra was made, in thanks to Bob for blessing them. On September 17 at 2200 UTC a Zirnitra will be sacrificed at the sun in the wormhole system of J1347029, so if you can navigate your way through wormholes and find the system, feel free to watch, shoot at them, or come for the fireworks.

    Player Meetups

    Making friends in space is one thing, but if you get the chance, meeting them in person is also a great way to make even more friends! The newest addition to the list is EVE Down Under (EDU) which will be returning at the end of November, check out the video for everything you need to know about the AUTZ below!

    That’s all for today’s installment of the Community Beat. Keep an eye out in space for any new developments in the ongoing story, you never know, that one little thing you notice might just be part of the developing universe!