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  • NCPL: Folly and Blunders Part 3

    23. August 2019 08:07

    Part two of a series of articles looking at the numerous mistakes made by NCPL. Apologies for the long break between the 2nd and 3rd installment due to my traveling.   Double the Fronts Double the Content…right?   Remember how we said NCPL just let Fountain fall? Here’s one of the consequences. Imperium forces
  • Watch This: EVE Pulse – August Release

    16. August 2019 23:40

    Another episode of EVE Pulse is here with all the latest from the world of EVE Online. Join us for the ground-breaking EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two tech demo, learn more about the return of the GM Week and the latest release to the #1 space MMO.
  • Planting the Interstellar Grove: Training Pilots for NRDS Nullsec, from Scratch to Academy

    14. August 2019 22:01

    Lesson Three: Opsec, what is it? Any veteran of EVE can probably tell you horror stories about how spies infiltrated one of their corps, or their alliance. How intel started finding its way onto enemy forum threads, how their fleets seemed always to face the perfect counter. How a director turned out to
  • Dev Post: Chaos Era Continues – Cyno Update

    14. August 2019 22:00

    This September we are planning two large changes for Cynosural Fields: – Cynosural Field Generator I can only be fit by Force Recon Ships and Black Ops Battleships (note: these classes can still fit covert cynos) – Jump Freighters can jump to Covert Cynosural Fields During this era of chaos we are eager to intro
  • NCPL: Folly and Blunders Part 2

    9. August 2019 22:42

    This is part two of a series of articles looking at the numerous mistakes made by NCPL.   Provi Citadel Campaign   When CCP announced that the original nullsec stations were going to be converted into faction citadels every group speculated about how to get their hands on as many of them as possible. NCPL
  • NCPL: Folly and Blunders Part 1

    8. August 2019 18:13

    In this series we will be looking at the decline Northern CoalitionDot and Pandemic Legion have been undergoing in the past few years listing some of the key events and mistakes and the some of the reasons behind them. This was actually meant to be written as a single article but the number of mist
  • The Blackout: Cruel But Fair?

    6. August 2019 20:53

    “More explosions,” the mantra is often repeated but rarely thought about beyond its surface attractiveness. For the most part, I agree with the sentiment. I’ve been in quite a few organizations with various outlooks on the game, from more entrenched groups like CVA and Goons which are big on industry, to completely nomadic groups
  • The Sword that CCP wishes to fall on

    6. August 2019 11:03

    The Sword that CCP wishes to fall on As you are reading this, you’re probably aware of the shake-up that CCP has done with EVE Online. One of the largest shake ups in the game in recent history has been the Triglavian kick that CCP has been on for well over a year. However,
  • Dev Blog: Update to Sales Taxes & Broker Fees

    29. July 2019 23:56

    As part of a number of changes over the course of the summer, we’re planning to make some alterations to sales taxes and brokers fees associated with the market. These changes will mean increases in sales taxes and brokers fees but will also include changes to the bonuses a character receives from tax related ski
  • Open Letter to CCP Regarding Blackout

    12. July 2019 19:40

    ***(Definition of Krab: Someone whose main gameplay style is focused on ratting and mining. Their “PvP experience” is mostly orbiting an FC in a massive fleet and pressing F1. Their goal is to ensure they are as safe as possible in nullsec. Not to be confused with industrialist or other people who may als
  • It’s Happening: 48 Hour Warning – Nullsec Local Blackout

    10. July 2019 15:39

    As announced on July 5th, in 48 hours, at downtime on Friday, July 12, local chat across all nullsec space will be switched over to delayed mode. This means that it will behave as local chat in wormhole space, with pilots only appearing in the local population listing should they choose to post messages.
  • Dev Blog: Nullsec Local Chat Blackout coming to An EVE Near you.

    6. July 2019 01:47

    Lina Ambre reports as the SCC announces that its Fluid Router network is under threat and that Capsuleers should prepare for an inevitable communication blackout across Nullsec. The Drifters also seem to have ramped up their attacks, targeting more than just structures, adding to growing Over the coming days we’ll be changing the way l
  • Dev Blog: Account Security Improvements

    3. July 2019 18:37

    If you'd like to discuss this devblog, feel free to head on over to the comments thread on the official forums! Hi, fellow capsuleers. EVE Online accounts are incredibly valuable, and we are constantly taking steps to make your accounts more secure. In this blog, we'd like to tell you about what steps we've rece
  • Planting the Interstellar Grove: Training Pilots for NRDS Nullsec, from Scratch to Academy

    3. July 2019 18:35

    Lesson Two: Best Practices This term is usually loathed when it’s used as business-world jargon, but I happen to believe rather strongly in the idea of “best practices” if it’s meant in good faith. The principle is bone-simple, and in our case works like this: roll an alpha alt or three, dump them each
  • Reformation Through Drifter Event

    29. June 2019 03:32

    CCP’s done something interesting with the “Drifter Siege of nullsec structures.” Hopefully CCP can understand why they are so popular. For years now structures have been far too spammable and tedious to remove which in turn has put a damper on other’s willingness to engage in prolonged war. A notable exception of course is