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  • Dev Blog: Spring Balance Update Incoming!

    13. March 2019 21:41

    If you'd like to discuss this devblog, feel free to head on over to the feedback thread on the official forums! Greetings Capsuleers, In this blog we're going to cover some big changes coming for balance this April and also tell you about our plans looking forward to the Summer. Our main focus for sp
  • Dev Blog: EVE 64-bit & DirectX 12

    1. March 2019 00:37

    If you'd like to discuss this devblog, feel free to head on over to the feedback thread on the official forums! At EVE Vegas 2018, we announced that work had begun on the transition to a 64-bit client. We’re now happy to announce that this project is seeing rock solid progress and we’re aiming
  • Dev Blog: War, War Sometimes Changes

    27. February 2019 19:19

    If you'd like to discuss this devblog, feel free to head on over to the feedback thread on the official forums! Hello warlike capsuleers! Today we are happy to be able to bring you another dev blog discussing the ongoing improvements to EVE Online’s war declaration system. If you’ve been following the last few mo
  • Dev Blog: Skills On Demand – Changes Coming To The Skill System!

    27. February 2019 02:33

    If you'd like to discuss this devblog, feel free to head on over to the feedback thread on the official forums! Hello, wonderful Capsuleers! Today we’re happy to present another devblog on upcoming changes, with this one focused on a system that absolutely every pilot in New Eden utilizes on a regular basis –
  • Dev Vlog: EVE Pulse

    23. February 2019 14:37

    EVE Pulse strikes back with more happenings from EVE Online! EVE Creative Director, Bergur “CCP Burger” Finnbogason, takes us on a office tour of CCP Games Iceland, the definitely NOT worth checking out EVEFeed is featured along with the CSM Winter Summit in a moving segment on mean social media comments. There’s also shout
  • Watch This: A Quick Guide for the Socially Challenged

    21. February 2019 21:06

    No, I kid you not, CCP Games actually did a guide on how to find friends in EVE Online, but as ridiculous it might sound they are hitting the nail here regarding long term player stability on the game. The first thing you should do after logging into EVE for the first time is fin
  • Dev Blog: Chat System – An Update & The Future!

    18. February 2019 16:08

    If you'd like to comment on this devblog, feel free to head on over to the feedback thread on the official forums! On January 9th, we released a New Year update regarding the chat system after a range of issues since its deployment with the March 2018 release. Since that blog, we’ve seen several m
  • Watch This: February Release, Guardian’s Gala & More

    14. February 2019 05:07

    EVE Pulse is back with more happenings from EVE Online. The Guardian’s Gala in-game event is featured, as well as ticket info for the EVE World Tour and details on the February release. There’s also info on recent contest prizes, EVE Speedruns and more!
  • Bad News Bears: No Alliance Tournament this year.

    13. February 2019 20:54

    Today CCP Falcon made the surprising announcement that a staple of EVE Online world events, the Alliance Tournament; won’t be celebrated this year, here’s the post: 2019 is a year where there are a lot of interesting plans afoot. We’re not quite ready to talk about many of them just yet, but we’ll be get
  • PSA: Patch Notes for Today’s Release (February)

    12. February 2019 16:37

    Patch Notes For February 2019 Release Released On Tuesday, February 12th 2019 Features & Changes: Drones & Fighters: Fighters, which were loaded into launch tubes, are now dropping as loot, if the ship or the Upwell structure is destroyed or unanchored. Miscellaneous: Standard cynosural fields have been moved to their own overview filter grou
  • Dev Blog: CCPlease – When Memes Become Reality

    12. February 2019 16:26

    Deep in the bowels of Jita 4-4, a soft feral growling accompanied by curious scratching and gnawing echoes through steel plated hallways, from corroded bulkhead to well worn airlock door. Across the fluid router system, trillions of messages bounce from node to node throughout New Eden. Pend Insurance claims, notices of war declaration, chant
  • New Capsuleers Welcome: Engage in Endless War with Red vs Blue

    12. February 2019 01:37

    In the last installment of ‘New Capsuleers Welcome‘, we took a look at Signal Cartel, a corporation focused on peaceful exploration and wormhole rescue. This article will focus on a very different proposition: two corporations in an endless state of war, offering a constant PvP experience like no other in New Eden. A Brief His
  • Provi-Bloc Toasts Waffles Revenant and Super

    7. February 2019 09:30

    Provi-Bloc toasts Waffles Revenant and Super The Author of this piece is a member of CVA. Any opinions or ideas are that of the author and not of any Corporation, Alliance, Coalition, or Evenews24. Reading the headline, you may be wondering if you have slipped in to the Twilight Zone. If you were reading
  • Dev Blog: New Launcher Changes Coming!

    4. February 2019 16:59

    To discuss this blog, or give feedback on the launcher changes, head on over to the comments thread on the official forums. Greetings capsuleers and welcome to the first Launcher Dev Blog in a while! We have some launcher updates scheduled in the coming weeks that we wanted to share with you, and would re
  • The great disappointment

    1. February 2019 23:34

    Recently on a snowy day, I was scrolling down social media lane. Now on my social media, I do follow CCP Games official EVE online accounts. And right at the top, there was a story from EVE Online. The story contained news about new merchandise, so I decided to click on it and visit