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  • Dev Blog: The Eve Online ecosystem outlook.

    27. December 2020 21:10

    Abundance breeds Complacency and Scarcity breeds WarPredictable Inputs lead to Stagnant OutputsAutarky is Anathema to Free Trade Dear Capsuleers, In EVE, much of 2020 was spent in renovation workin
  • The Case for Civilization: A Clarion Call for NRDS

    24. November 2020 03:30

    This article is a Providence post-mortem and a call to action to save what I believe to be the best playstyle in EVE Online, and does not represent the opi
  • FI.RE Slays The Dragons of Scalding Pass

    22. November 2020 15:03

    Disclaimer: The author of this article is a member of Red Alert Coalition, a small Great Wildlands-based entity, and whilst he is not affiliated with FI.RE Coalition or #RekkinCrew,
  • The Mittani Mendacity: Decade of Delusion

    15. November 2020 19:57

    Authors note: I wrote most of this article in February of 2019, got busy, got bored, forgot about it and recently finished it and updated some things. “Every record
  • The Scope – War in Delve and the formation of the Triglavian region Pochven

    3. November 2020 23:58

    Lina Ambre reports on the war raging in Delve as P.A.P.I. has established a foothold in the Imperium home region the Red Alliance joins the war on the defenders s
  • Encounter surveillance system update!

    31. October 2020 20:26

    Thieving Capsuleers! CONCORD has been working on a major upgrade to the Encounter Surveillance System (ESS) and the new version is finally ready to roll out. The new ESS
  • Dev Blog: CONCORD and the Dynamic Bounty Syste

    24. October 2020 05:36

    Dynamic Capsuleers, CONCORD is adopting a new Dynamic Bounty System (DBS) for bounty payouts across Nullsec space. This will reward those daring enough to hunt pirates in more dangerous s
  • Dev Blog: Howling Interdictors – New Update

    21. October 2020 18:02

    Fearsome Capsuleers, The new Howling Interdictors update is coming on 27 October, screaming its way into EVE Online, bringing changes, variety and balance to Interdictors and Combat Interceptors! The ch
  • PSA: Patch notes for EVE Online version 18.10

    14. October 2020 18:19

    PATCH NOTES FOR 2020-10-14.1 DEFECT FIXES Graphics: Fixed an issue that caused Triglavian hangars to appear in some Hi-Sec stations. Fixed an issue that caused Triglavian hangar visual effect
  • Awesomesauce: EVE-Online Phoenix Quadrant Trailer

    14. October 2020 16:11

    CCP Games just released the trailer for the next stage of the EVE Online universe, it centers around the galaxy in the aftermath of the Triglavian Invasion. Take a look!
  • Oct 14th Game Update – EVE Echoes

    14. October 2020 15:20

    We will be having our weekly maintenance on Oct 14 at 08:00 UTC. During this time, players won’t be able to log into the game. This is expected to
  • Twitch vs EVE 4

    12. October 2020 15:30

    Greetings, Another Streamfleet Twitch vs EVE event is imminent, and this time around, things are going to be spooky! The Streamfleet Twitch vs EVE 4 will commence on Saturday, 31 October at 1
  • Customer Service Update – EVE Echoes

    11. October 2020 11:30

    A new label for the FAQ area has been added, “Hot!”. Tapping on Customer Service jumps the user right into the list of Hot Issues and provides fast answers.
  • The Scope – Growing Fears Over Stargates

    10. October 2020 14:15

    Alton Haveri reports as EDENCOM forces remain on high alert despite a lasting halt in major invasion operations by the Triglavian Collective. Monitoring and evacuation operations are underway throughout
  • The Scope – Fury at FWST-8

    9. October 2020 18:01

    Alton Haveri reports as P.A.P.I. and Imperium forces clash heavily in FWST-8, with the invaders twice attempting to anchor a Keepstar-class Citadel in the system. As the fighting has escal