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  • Watch This: The Invitation

    22. August 2023 18:49

    Recently discovered data fragments and a cryptic invitation from a mysterious figure known as the Deathless suggest that there are one or more stargates out there, waiting to be discove
  • Patch notes: April Update

    24. April 2023 22:14

    Sorry for the late article, RL has been a bit hectic; but I wanted to share the stream of changes brought up in the patches released throughout April and
  • EVE Online: Alliance Tournament XIX – What to Expect

    21. April 2023 01:39

    The Alliance Tournament is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever before! EVE Online’s premier PVP event, the Alliance Tournament XIX, promises to be an exciting and thrilling spect
  • This Year in EVE – Community Spotlight

    21. December 2022 00:15

    This year, New Eden has been more vibrant than ever. To celebrate, we have collected some of the main achievements of the EVE community for the year. Now let’
  • The Scope – Continued Developments in the Warzones

    12. November 2022 09:53

    Alton Haveri reports on the evolving circumstances in the warzone as the Caldari State moves to occupy Athounon while the Gallente Federation invades Intaki and the surrounding systems, and
  • Merc Net Guide: Contract Basics

    12. December 2021 00:38

    Merc Net Launched on the 21st of November and in two weeks we have gained more than two hundred members. For those who are unfamiliar, Merc Net is an
  • Merc Net Launch

    22. November 2021 04:15

    In all genres and stories I have enjoyed, I was always most interested in those fulfilling mercenary roles. Outer Heaven and Diamond Dogs in Metal Gear, Wolf’s Dragoons and
  • Pulse: Fanfest, AT Prize Ships, Crimson Harvest

    6. November 2021 15:44

    Welcome to another new look EVE Pulse from inside Jita 4-4!
  • Announcement: EVE Fanfest 2022 – Gate is Green!

    6. November 2021 15:40

    The gate is green as EVE Fanfest returns to Iceland on 6-7 May 2022!
  • Whose Victory in Delve is it anyway?

    27. October 2021 03:13

    At the start of August TEST’s leadership along with other elements of PAPI Coalition announced their immediate withdrawal from their campaign against the Imperium. This article will analyze the mist
  • Signs of End Times for Linux Players

    15. July 2021 02:45

    I haven’t written anything for a while, and I wish that my return to EN24 were a more positive article. I’d like to think my record when discussing change
  • Whatever Happened to Farms and Fields?

    19. June 2021 02:44

    Prior to Aegis sov the phrase “farms and fields” was often uttered as a new way forward for nullsec development. It described a new way null would operate in w
  • Interview with Noraus

    5. June 2021 01:08

    “When you see contention amongst your enemies, go and sit at ease with your friends; but when you see them of one mind, string your bow, and place stones
  • Arrendis Interviews PGL

    30. May 2021 02:55

    I genuinely enjoy reading interview articles with notable people involved in Eve Online. I have interviewed a number of people myself from Elo Knight, Carneros, Da Winci, Dran and sev
  • Long Term Cloaking: Vital Tool for Smaller Groups

    20. May 2021 03:52

    In my last article I detailed why the new deployable that decloaks ships is simply helping make nullsec/krabbing safer. In this piece I want to address why exactly allowing som