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  • Twitch vs EVE 4

    10. October 2020 19:00


    Another Streamfleet Twitch vs EVE event is imminent, and this time around, things are going to be spooky!

    The Streamfleet Twitch vs EVE 4 will commence on Saturday, 31 October at 16:00 UTC and feature a fleet of EVE Online streamers led by a record of seven experienced and well-known Fleet Commanders, such as BjornBee, Greygal, iBeast, BalefulDysnomia and even our own CCP Auroura! If you are streaming EVE Online on Twitch and would like to take part in this event, you can still register here.

    Over the course of the event, apart from the total destruction and a thrill of roaming, there will be interviews with various FCs, CEOs and community members with a special focus on new player friendly corporations. All rookies are encouraged to join the show to learn a bit more about what they have to offer!

    This is shaping up to be a chilling performance and CCP developers, Game Masters and ISDs will also be participating and bringing along some treats for those brave enough to clash with the roaming fleets! Rumour has it there will even be some physical prizes up for grabs, thanks to the streaming community.

    The event will be mainly in English, but players from all around the world are welcome to join the fun.

    See you on the grid o7

  • Status Briefing: Triglavian Invasion

    9. October 2020 20:00

    While the invading forces of the Triglavian Collective appear to have paused activity for the past few days following the fall of Krirald into Final Liminality, there are signs that could point to imminent escalation in activity. As a result, all Capsuleers are advised to attend the important status briefing stream on developments surrounding the Triglavian invasion on Sunday 11 October at 18:00 UTC.

    EDENCOM Fleet Commander Arsia Elkin from Electus Matari and esteemed researcher Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci of the Arataka Research Consortium will join briefing host Carneros for this broadcast, which will include time for Q&A from the audience. For your convenience, the broadcast will feature an abridged history and background of the Triglavian Collective and their invasion of New Eden.

    This stream will be delivered in English.

  • EVE Down Under on CCP TV

    9. October 2020 02:55

    Oh, g'day.

    In case you didn't know already, EVE Down Under is taking place this weekend as an online event and you'll be able to catch it on CCP TV!

    EVE Down Under is a long running and popular player gathering originating from the passionate Australian community but seeks to represent everyone playing in the downtime-afflicted Oceanic hemisphere of the Earth.

    You can jump onto CCP TV over the weekend (AUTZ primetime ofc) and enjoy the following content:

    Friday, 9 October - 0900 - 1100 UTC: AUTZ Public Roam with devs - 1100 - 1120 UTC: Introduction to EVE Down Under and chats with CCP - 1120 - 1140 UTC: EDU PvP tournament draw

    Saturday, 10 October - 0900 - 1000 UTC: Updates from CCP - 1000 - 1100 UTC: CCP AMA - 1100 - 1200 UTC: AUTZ Alliance Panel

    Sunday, 11 October - 0900 - 1030 UTC: PvP Tournament semifinals and finals

    As always EVE Down Under will be a fairly casual event without too much pomp and circumstance - just the way Australians like things. We hope you manage to tune into some of the broadcasts over the weekend and learn more about what makes the AUTZ a special part of New Eden!

  • Project Discovery - Level Up Livestream!

    8. October 2020 18:00

    The data coming in to EVE Online's Project Discovery is now more complex than before, requiring even more accurate submissions by players. With Capsuleers continuing to provide valuable and usable data for the scientific community in helping to understand how COVID-19 affects immune systems, it's the perfect time to talk to some of the people involved in bringing this amazing citizen science initiative to EVE!

    CCPTV is proud to welcome the following guests to the Project Discovery - Level Up Livestream at 19:00 UTC on 8 October:

    • Professor Ryan Brinkman - Distinguished Scientist, BC Cancer Agency and Department of Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia
    • Associate Professor Jerome Waldispuhl - School of Computer Science, McGill University
    • Attila Szantner - CEO of Massively Multiplayer Online Science
    • Nobutadas - EVE Online streamer and Project Discovery enthusiast
    • CCP Shreddy - Lead Producer
    • CCP Edelweiss - Senior Software Engineer
    • CCP HotPepper - Senior UI Artist
    • CCP Convict - Community Developer

    See you on the stream!

  • Quantum Cores - Phase 2

    6. October 2020 17:00

    Committed Capsuleers,

    The second phase of the new Quantum Cores series of updates will be coming to EVE Online in mid-October! This big series of updates to structure gameplay in New Eden introduce Quantum Cores as necessary items in the deployment phase of structures. This follows on from Phase 1 of the Quantum Cores update that went live last month, and is important for any players interested in structures.

    Phase 2 of the rollout will enforce the rule that requires Quantum Core installation to be carried out in order to complete the anchoring process for any newly deployed structures.

    Furthermore, there will be a Quality of Life improvement for the EVE Online UI that will allow you to toggle the 3D view in space, or in your hangar. The ability to toggle off the 3D scene will allow quick access to a high-performance, low-GPU-usage mode when viewing the 3D scene is not necessary. When toggled with a keystroke, it will eliminate the need to go through settings menus, and will allow nearly instant reactivation of the 3D view when desired. Modules, brackets, and the overview will remain fully interactive in this mode.

  • Mass Test on Singularity - 6 October 2020

    3. October 2020 19:00

    Hello everyone,

    We are conducting a mass test on the Singularity test server on Tuesday, 6 October at 17:00 UTC.

    Remember that what you see on Singularity is not final and is subject to change based on feedback and final touches of our development teams, before it arrives later this month on Tranquility.

    What are we testing?

    The main focus of this event is to test defect fixes to issues with getting stuck in the jump tunnels that some players have been reporting and upcoming audio changes that are in the works.

    More information about the test can be found in the official thread on EVE Online forums.

    How to log in to Singularity?

    Accessing Singularity is very easy! All you need to do is change the server from Tranquility to Singularity in the bottom right corner of the launcher and log in as usual. More detailed instructions are available here.

  • Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

    3. October 2020 12:00

    This event has passed. Missed the stream? Check out the VOD!

    As an avid viewer of our many awesome Twitch content creators, CCP Convict found he had accumulated 5,000 points on Torvald Uruz's channel. Turns out he could cash those in for the privilege of partaking in some internet spaceship action with Torv! So on Saturday, 3 October from 16:00 UTC, Torvald and Convict will be taking on the final Proving Grounds event for Quadrant 3 in a 2v2 T1 Cruiser format.

    You can tune in to watch from Convict's point of view on CCP TV or from Torvald's on his channel.

    Choosing will be difficult, so if you're into:

    • Forgetting to launch drones
    • Melting guns
    • Flying out of the arena (by accident)

    You should probably tune into CCP TV. If you like:

    • Mustaches
    • Melting prop mods
    • Flying out of the arena (on purpose)

    You should probably watch Torvald.

    OR you could just grab a friend and some filaments and go looking for them in the Proving Grounds around this time.

    Either way we hope you'll be entertained - see you there!

    (Writing about yourself in third person feels weird.)

  • New Abyssal Proving Grounds Event

    2. October 2020 13:00

    A new Abyssal Proving Grounds event is now live in EVE Online, so make sure you have your Proving Filaments handy either from Abyssal Deadspace loot drops, or from the in-game market!

    Until 11:00 UTC on 6 October, you can get stuck into 2v2 Tech 1 Cruiser combat, meaning that the permitted hulls for this event include the Arbitrator, Bellicose, Blackbird, Caracal, Celestis, Maller, Moa, Omen, Rupture, Stabber, Thorax, Vexor - but limited to 1 ship type with a meta level restriction of 5 for modules (no Faction/Deadspace/Officer/Abyssal modules). Pirate implants are also restricted.

    Don't forget, you can keep track of Capsuleer performance and prowess in this event using the leaderboards!

  • EVE Academy - Interdiction

    1. October 2020 14:00

    The Abyssal Proving Grounds have been popular among PvP-loving Capsuleers, and have no doubt inspired you to test your mettle in battle! If you want to know more generally about combat mechanics in EVE, make sure to watch CCP Aurora return for another EVE Academy stream on CCPTV to talk about the basics of interdiction (bubbles) on October 1 at 17:00 UTC.

    If your PvP skills need a little dusting off or improvement, ready to take on all-comers anywhere in New Eden, then don't miss the opportunity to learn some key tricks of the trade from the purveyor of pulse lasers as CCP Aurora will show you how to fly an Interdictor in a fleet and more! It could even come in handy during a certain ongoing Nullsec war...

  • 50% Off 3 Month Omega + 3 Month MCT

    30. September 2020 13:00

    Save 50% on 3 months of Omega and 3 months of Multiple Character Training (MCT) until 5 October!

    For a limited time only, you can train skills on an additional character at the same time as your primary character with Multiple Character Training (MCT) for 3 months! This limited time additional training slot is activated as soon as you purchase this combined offer of a 3 month Omega package and the MCT for a total of $48.85 by 11:00 UTC on 5 October, so start adding skills to your additional character's training queue immediately!

    MCT will allow you to train skills on multiple characters on the same account simultaneously. Along with Omega giving you double training speed, an infinite skill queue and access to all skills in EVE, you can use this offer to significantly advance skill training potential across your characters and get closer to your goals in New Eden!