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  • EVE Online Music on Spotify!

    5. December 2019 15:00

    Greetings, music-loving Capsuleers,

    We are pleased to share that the first album with EVE Online music is now available to everyone for free on Spotify!

    The music was created by none other than RealX, an audio software engineer and in-house composer who used to work at CCP Games for more than 16 years. The EVE Online: Empire Space I is the first in a series of many albums we are planning to release over the next year. Make sure to follow RealX on Spotify to not miss the next release!

    Now everyone can enjoy a soothing melody of Below the Asteroids when commuting to school, driving to work, or planning next EVE Online gameplay session.


  • EVE Portal - See the New Wallet UI Early!

    5. December 2019 11:00

    Inquisitive Capsuleers,

    When you download EVE Portal, the official EVE Online companion app, after the upcoming update you will get to see the new and improved UI for the wallet early! These changes are due to be implemented in EVE Online for the Free Market Release on 10 December, but why not get yourself a sneak peek by downloading EVE Portal and checking out what's changed?

    Having the wallet in EVE Portal means that you can track changes in your wealth anytime and from anywhere. Up to 6 months' worth of ISK, PLEX, and market transaction history will be available via EVE Portal, as well as options for display color scheme and Group View for locating entry types more rapidly.

    How do I update my app?

    EVE Portal will be updated from 05:00 am to 08:40 am UTC on 6 December and you will not be able to login to EVE Portal during this period. The new version of the EVE Portal app will become available in the store sometime in the following 24 hours, depending on your region.

    You can find the updated app here:

    If you're viewing this on your PC, then feel free to scan this QR code with your phone for a link directly to the relevant store page.

    EVE PORTAL QR CODE 1024x720

    Alternatively, you can search for EVE Portal in App Store or Google Play. We highly suggest that you close the EVE Portal app once the update starts, and don't run it until the update is over.

    Please note that once the new version has been deployed, it is required to update it before you can log in to EVE Portal.

  • Solution for "stuck" structure timers during No Downtime

    4. December 2019 17:45

    We're several hours into our epic No Downtime experiment and while the effects are beginning to be felt on Tranquility, one issue in particular has presented as being particularly problematic: some structures are becoming "stuck" when their anchoring/unanchoring or reinforcement timers end and are not switching to their correct state.

    If you are encountering this problem with a stuck structure it's possible to request that our Customer Support team update the structure state manually. Here is the procedure:

    1. Be certain that the time for the structure's state change has already passed - we won't be changing the state on any structures early!
    2. Submit a support ticket by pressing F12 in-game and click "Go to Help Center" or visit this page in your browser.
    3. For "Type" choose Game Play Support
    4. For "Category" choose Stuck -> Stuck Character
    5. In the description field tell us:
      • Exact name of the system where the structure is located
      • The type of the structure (Raitaru, Fortizar etc.)
      • The exact name of the structure
    6. Upon receiving the ticket, Customer Support will confirm that the structure is indeed stuck and if so will have its state changed. The change takes effect immediately.

    Customer Support will be treating these tickets as a top priority and will be responding very quickly, so you should keep your fleets standing by after submitting your ticket.

    All other stuck structures will remain so until servers come back up from the next scheduled downtime which is 11:00 UTC on Thursday, December 5th.

    Our No Downtime experiment still has quite a while to run, and we apologise for any negative impact it may be having on your gameplay experience. As mentioned in this dev blog the results of this experiment will be incredibly valuable for the future development of EVE Online and we have gathered significant amounts of useful data already.

    Please continue to report bugs and provide feedback about any unusual behavior you're experiencing during this period.

    Thank you for your ongoing patience and assistance! o7

  • Kicking Over Castles coming soon!

    3. December 2019 18:40

    If you would like to discuss this news item please head over to this thread on the official forum.

    Coming on 10 December, alongside the Free Market release, are the latest in a set of improvements to core gameplay, this time focused on structures and 'timezone tanking'. This update is called Kicking Over Castles.

    In this update more control over vulnerability timers is moved into the attackers' hands with the aim of making fights more common and Tuesday Alarm Clock ops rarer. This update also includes improvements to combat offensive structure spam and tethering in factional warfare systems.

    And don't forget! This update follows up on the Ansiblex and Tenebrex anchor range changes from November by putting any gates or cyno jammers within 500k of a structure offline.

    The changes to structures coming in Kicking Over Castles are as follows:

    • Defenders can no longer choose a day of the week for exiting the hull reinforcement cycle. Structures will exit reinforcement at the next available hour of the defenders choosing (+/- 3 hours) after the following durations:
      • Wormhole space: 1.5 days
      • Low and Null security space: 2.5 days
      • High security space: 4.5 days
    • Updated vulnerability windows now takes 30 days to take effect (instead of 7).
    • In a solar system where the Activity Defense Multiplier is above 4.0 and where an Infrastructure Hub is held by an alliance, pilots that are NOT members of that alliance will be unable to deploy medium Upwell structures (Astrahus, Athanor and Raitaru).
    • The random jitter range on reinforcement exit times is increased from +/- 2 hours to +/- 3 hours.
    • FW structures now may not tether in some circumstances, according to the following chart:

    fw structure table big - A ship piloted by the attacking faction (or their ally) can never receive tether from ANY structure whilst in enemy FW space. - A structure owned by the attacking faction (or their ally) can never provide tether to ANY ship whilst in enemy FW space.

    • Ansiblex Jump Gate and Tenebrex Cyno Jammer service modules will be offlined if the structure is within 500km of another structure. (This is the conclusion of the Ansiblex anchoring range changes initiated in Beat Around the Boosh).

    These changes will increase the chance of fights taking place and improve the experience around destroying undefended structures.

    Let the kicking of castles commence!

  • Black Friday PLEX offers, SKIN sales and in-game tax reduction!

    28. November 2019 15:00

    Hello, Pilots,

    Black Friday means savings, and New Eden is no exception! As of today, you can save 15% on selected PLEX packages - specifically the 1100, 2860, 7430 and 15,400 packs - until 11:00 UTC on 3 December!

    In addition to that, you will also get some awesome free SKINs with the 2860, 7430 and 15,400 PLEX packages, including the Sariel's Flame SKIN for the Dramiel and the King's Ransom Luecin and King's Ransom Darouen SKINs for the Rattlesnake. The 15,400 PLEX pack will also include the Sarpati's Revenge - Virge SKIN for the Vindicator and the Shakim Warlord SKIN for the Ragnarok.

    Screenshot - 1920x1080

    You can also get up to 50% off selected SKINs in EVE Online's New Eden Store as part of Black Friday! The sale ends at 11:00 UTC on 3 December, so make sure you check out all the available discounts and add those desired SKINs to your collection in time:

    • Damavik Blackfire Steel SKIN
    • Kikimora Blackfire Steel SKIN
    • Vedmak Blackfire Steel SKIN
    • Rodiva Blackfire Steel SKIN
    • Zarmazd Blackfire Steel SKIN
    • Drekavac Blackfire Steel SKIN
    • Leshak Blackfire Steel SKIN
    • Blackfire Heavy Raider Bundle
    • Blackfire Raid & Repair Bundle
    • Succubus True Deliverance SKIN
    • Phantasm True Deliverance SKIN
    • Nightmare True Deliverance SKIN
    • Revenant True Deliverance SKIN
    • True Deliverance Bundle
    • Gila Abyssal Expedition Bundle
    • Confessor Lavacore Imperial SKIN
    • Apocalypse Lavacore Imperial SKIN
    • Apocalypse Navy Issue Lavacore Imperial SKIN
    • Armageddon Lavacore Imperial SKIN
    • Armageddon Navy Issue Lavacore Imperial SKIN
    • Redeemer Lavacore Imperial SKIN
    • Revelation Lavacore Imperial SKIN
    • Apostle Lavacore Imperial SKIN
    • Aeon Lavacore Imperial SKIN
    • Avatar Lavacore Imperial SKIN
    • Imperial Flame Bundle - 3 For 2!
    • Jaguar In Rust We Trust SKIN
    • Wolf In Rust We Trust SKIN
    • Sabre In Rust We Trust SKIN
    • Svipul In Rust We Trust SKIN
    • Muninn In Rust We Trust SKIN
    • Loki In Rust We Trust SKIN
    • Hurricane In Rust We Trust SKIN
    • Hurricane Fleet Issue In Rust We Trust SKIN
    • Sleipnir In Rust We Trust SKIN
    • Vargur In Rust We Trust SKIN
    • Naglfar In Rust We Trust SKIN
    • Hel In Rust We Trust SKIN

    image (1)

    For this weekend only, you can also enjoy the Black Friday Tax Haven! There will be a big reduction in sales tax on New Eden's regional market, so it's the perfect time to sell some of the PLEX you have in your PLEX Vault, or any other item on the market! Please check below to see the exact sales tax that will be applied based on your Accounting Skills:

    • Level 0: 2.5%
    • Level 1: 2.225%
    • Level 2: 1.95%
    • Level 3: 1.675%
    • Level 4: 1.4%
    • Level 5: 1.125%

    The tax reduction starts 11:00 UTC on Friday 29 November and ends 11:00 UTC on Monday 2 December, so get trading!

  • Introducing the HyperNet Relay

    27. November 2019 15:50

    Entrepreneurial capsuleers,

    Today there is great excitement in introducing an entertaining new trade network coming to EVE Online called the HyperNet Relay, available for you to try out on the Singularity test server right now. As with Shareable Bookmarks – a highly requested feature that has now been delivered – the HyperNet Relay aims to answer frequent requests for the return of raffle activities that were once hugely popular in the EVE community.

    The HyperNet Relay is an enjoyable new method of selling items where almost anything can be traded at any time, from anywhere, and by anyone.

    How Does HyperNet Work?

    image (12)

    The process begins by buying HyperCores from the New Eden Store or from the regional market, and the amount required is based on the total value of what the player wants to offer on the HyperNet Relay. The item being offered for trade must be a single item (no stacks) and be located in a normal station (not a structure).

    image (13)

    Any item being sold will be represented as a HyperNet Offer. These offers contain a series of HyperNodes that can be purchased individually or in bulk. The player will then set the number of corresponding HyperNodes that will be made available to interested parties and a price per HyperNode.

    Once all the HyperNodes have been sold for any given offer, everyone will see which single HyperNode is selected at random and who subsequently receives the item. Even the purchase of HyperNodes will be visible to those viewing the HyperNet Relay, creating a social experience that occurs in real time. Any item that a player claims will be placed in their item hangar in the location where the offer was created, to be picked up at any time.

    image (14)

    Increasing Trade Velocity

    As with similar activities from the past, HyperNet Relay will stimulate the economy of New Eden by increasing the trade velocity of items and thus the redistribution of assets. Items such as unique ships, Officer modules and more will now be able to move through the economy more often, giving more players a chance to own them. In addition, items which are untradeable on the regional market, such as Abyssal modules, corpses, and BPCs, will be tradeable on the HyperNet Relay.

    The Bottom Line

    Player agency and the free exchange of items are at the core of EVE’s market, which itself is the beating heart of New Eden. The HyperNet Relay is just one more avenue in which players can exercise their freedom in trade, while engaging in an entertaining and social activity at the same time. The potential increase in access to coveted items for players through asset redistribution is also a very exciting prospect! Hopefully, with this functionality being regularly requested by pilots, its delivery and use will bring the thrills, the spills, and ultimately, the spoils.

    HyperNet Relay is available on the Singularity test server today and will be officially launched on 10 December with the Free Market Release.

    Please visit the official thread on EVE Online forums to share your thoughts and provide feedback back to the development team.

  • Get the Black Friday Boost

    27. November 2019 14:25

    Black Friday means great deals, and even 21,000 years in the future, the Capsuleers of New Eden get to take advantage! EVE Online's Black Friday Boosts means free gifts such as Skill Points and Boosters, just for logging in daily between 27 November and 3 December!

    The opportunity is there for pilots to massively boost their skill training with hundreds of thousands of Skill Points on offer, as well as Boosters to hike performance, including the highly popular Quafe Zero! The Boosters will include bonuses to armor repair, shields, velocity, turret and missile damage, as well as scan resolution.

    Omega pilots will get even better daily gifts, in addition to the Alpha rewards, and you can even claim the Omega gifts retroactively if you upgrade after the event has already started. Pilots should ensure that they log in on all the event days in order to get all the gifts!

  • Invasion Chapter 2 is Now Live!

    26. November 2019 13:00

    Defenders and offenders of New Eden, the second chapter in the EVE Online - Invasion expansion is now live, and free to download for all players!

    With Invasion Chapter 2 comes the introduction of a new Triglavian combat experience, one where you will have to choose between siding with the Empires or the Triglavian Collective in engagements, allowing for two paths through the encounters!

    The awesome new Triglavian Dreadnought - the Zirnitra - also makes its bow in this new chapter. This new ship will prove a challenging adversary for Capsuleers, but also a desirable prize for those that can pilot it. There will also be new skills required for piloting the Dreadnought, as well as the monstrous new Ultratidal Entropic Disintegrator guns and new ammo for it.


    There are updates to the Loyalty Point Store, meaning that you can now get an all new Mimesis Implant set in both mid and low-grade versions, giving a maximum damage multiplier bonus to Triglavian weapons for even more raw firepower from these already formidable weapons. There are also 16 new SKINs in the Firestorm line available!

    This new chapter in the Invasion expansion also brings with it other new features too, including Shareable Bookmarks. This new addition allows Capsuleers to share specific locations in New Eden with alliance members and anyone else they choose, with control over access and duration.

    Fly safe, Capsuleers, and prepare for further invasion!

  • Rapid Fire Update and NES SKIN Sale for Minmatar Ships!

    26. November 2019 06:00

    Power to the Matari fleet! The Rapid Fire update heralds good news for fans of the Stabber Fleet Issue Cruiser and Tempest Fleet Issue Battleship, as they are getting extra damage bonuses to their rate of fire. Medium Autocannons are also getting an upgrade across the board.

    The Typhoon and Bellicose will be enjoying explosion velocity improvements, and the Muninn will be taken down a notch after a long period of fleet domination.

    To coincide with the upgrades to Minmatar ships in the Rapid Fire update, EVE Online's New Eden Store is offering 25% off Snowline Bladeracer SKINs for the Stabber Fleet Issue, Tempest Fleet Issue, Rifter, Typhoon and Bellicose! In addition, the NES is offering 50% off the same SKIN for the unfortunate Muninn, to make up for the recent changes.

    The NES sale on the Snowline Bladeracer SKINs lasts until 11:00 UTC on 3 December, meaning there's no time to lose!

    If you would like to discuss this update with other pilots, please visit the dedicated forum thread for the Invasion Chapter 2 release.

  • Extended Downtime Notification - 2019-11-26

    25. November 2019 18:30

    There will be an extended downtime on Tuesday, November 26th while we roll out the exciting new content of the Triglavian Invasion Chapter 2 along with the Rapid Fire update in addition to various changes and fixes. You can read the full patch notes here.

    Downtime is expected to last approximately 50-70 minutes and the cluster should be back online accepting connections by 12:10 UTC at the latest.

    If any further changes to the downtime schedule are necessary, updates will be posted on this news item as well as the EVE Status twitter account.