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  • Bonus Skill Point Week Has Kicked Off!

    16. October 2019 13:00

    We're super happy to announce that as of downtime today, a bonus skill point week has kicked off as part of celebrations in the run up to Halloween!

    Log in every day throughout bonus skill point week between today, October 16th and Thursday, October 24th to claim additional unallocated skillpoints that you can use to boost your training queue.

    As an Alpha pilot, you'll be able to claim up to 200,000 skill points over the course of eight days days, and as an Omega there's up to a massive 650,000 skill points up for grabs.

    That's 3 days of training for an Alpha pilot, and a massive 10 days of training for a pilot with Omega clone status!

    In addition to this, there's also standard and advanced cerebral accelerators that will speed up training times for a limited period.


    In order to claim your skill points, all you need to do is log in to EVE and follow these simple instructions on the character selection screen:

    • Click "Claim All" at the bottom of the highlighted day in the Daily Login Campaigns window.
    • You will then receive a confirmation that you've claimed the day's skill points. You can click "Dismiss" on this.
    • You'll now see a "Redeemable Items" bar at the bottom of the screen, click it to expand it.
    • Your skill points are right there, simpy drag and drop them on the character you'd like to use them on.
    • As you drag and drop the skill points, you'll receive a confirmation that tells you the skillpoints have been delivered to your character's unallocated skill point queue.

    Congratulations, you've claimed your skillpoints for the day and can log into your character to apply them to your skill queue!


    Here's a few clarifications for bonus skill point events:

    • Pilots can claim one reward (consisting of both one Alpha and one Omega reward depending on clone status) per day.
    • New Eden counts days from downtime to downtime. Rewards refresh at 11:00 UTC each day.
    • The day one reward is the first that a player can claim, regardless of which day of the event they claim it on. They then claim the day two reward the next day, and so on.
    • One set of rewards is available for every account in game.
    • One set of rewards is only available for Omega accounts - claiming this reward gives both the Alpha and Omega reward for that day.
    • Should an Alpha account upgrade to omega at any point during the event, they will recieve all Omega rewards retroactively for the days that they have claimed in the event so far.
  • Warp Drive Active - Warp Speed Changes Now Live!

    15. October 2019 13:00

    Got somewhere to be in New Eden?

    Every Cruiser, Battlecruiser and Battleship now warps faster than before.

    Travelling via autopilot will also be faster now with the warp in distance changed from 15km to 10km.

    Head into New Eden to find out more!

  • Intel Integrated Graphics Issues - Fix Coming Soon!

    9. October 2019 20:00

    We're currently aware of an issue that some of our pilots using Intel Integrated Graphics chipsets are experiencing which causes their EVE Online clients to crash, typically on startup but also sometimes in other areas of gameplay.

    The root cause of this issue has been identified and we'll be looking to release a fix for it very soon once it's been tested fully. Hopefully this will be deplyed in a point release tomorrow.

    Apologies for the inconvenience this is causing, we'll have it fixed as soon as possible!

  • Exploit Notification - Crazy Deep Safe spots!

    9. October 2019 13:00


    We have deployed a patch that moved any objects or bookmarks which were placed too far out from the sun as a result of the issue with the Emerging conduits.

    Yesterday an issue was discovered which caused some PVE locations to spawn at excessive distances from the center of their solar systems. This issue has now been fixed.

    In the near future a migration process will begin to automatically move characters, ships, bookmarks, structures and other items from these extreme deep space locations to more reasonable locations.

    While this migration process is being implemented, it will be considered an exploit to begin deployment of any new Upwell Structures at the deep space locations that only became available due to this PVE location spawning bug.

    Upwell Structures that have already began their deployment before this exploit notification will be moved in the near future, but owners of any Upwell Structures that begin deployment after this notification will be subject to penalties including potential destruction of their deep space structures.

  • 2019/10/10 - Shareable Bookmarks Mass Test!

    8. October 2019 18:00

    We're planning a mass test on Thursday, October 10th to test the new shareable bookmark system that's currently in development!

    Unlike regular mass tests, this test will take place in the Duality test environment rather than on Singularity.

    If you're interested in joining us for this mass test, please come along to Duality at 17:00 UTC on Thursday, October 10th!

    Participants will receive a reward of two million skillpoints (available only on the test server Singularity).

    Please note that numbers, art assets, and other game properties on the test servers are not final and may change before they are released.

  • New Eden Store - Minmatar Snowline Bladeracer SKINs Now Available!

    8. October 2019 17:00

    We're happy to announce that brand new Snowline Bladeracer SKINs are now available for all Minmatar hulls in the New Eden Store.

    This SKIN line is available at the following PLEX prices:

    • 55 PLEX – Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser & Battlecruiser
    • 110 PLEX – Battleship
    • 250 PLEX – Capital

    Be sure to hit the New Eden Store today if you want to add these awesome new incredibly purple SKINs to your collection!

  • The October Release Is Now Live!

    8. October 2019 02:00

    We're super happy to announce that the October release is now live!

    The October Release brings the new Mimesis implant set, along with improved contextual menus for cynosural fields and a whole host of New Player Experience and User Interface improvements.

    This release also includes a substantial number of fixes for gameplay, graphics and the user interface.

    Release Information:

  • EVE Vegas 2019 – Fansite Passes!

    7. October 2019 15:00

    Glorious Capsuleers!

    While the EVE Fansite Program is currently on a bit of a hiatus as we work to bring a replacement program together for it, we still want to make sure that our community contributors who’re coming along to EVE Vegas are given access to the event.

    The window is now open for those who operate a registered fansite under the current program to request complimentary fansite passes for EVE Vegas 2019.

    All registered fansites are eligible for two full passes for EVE Vegas 2019 – this gives access to EVE Vegas and the Saturday night party at OMNIA.

    Other events such as the Pub Crawl and Axe Throwing are ticketed separately.

    How Do I Claim My Fansite Passes?

    The operator of the fansite will need to email CCP Falcon directly at falcon@ccpgames.com with the following information:

    • The name of your fansite.
    • The character names of the two people claiming the fansite passes.
    • The real-life names of the two people claiming the fansite passes.
    • A contact email for each of the two people claiming the fansites passes.
    • Any Eventbrite order numbers for purchased passes that need to be refunded.

    Once you’ve provided this information, you’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know that your passes have been reserved.

    Who’s Eligible For Complimentary Passes?

    All community contributors that fit in the following categories:

    • Registered fansites.
    • Recognised streamers who are part of the CCP Streamers Discord.

    If you are the operator of an EVE Media site that is present on CCP’s Company Slack server, CCP Convict will reach out to you in the coming days to take care of issuing your two complimentary access passes.

    The last date that Community Contributors will be able to claim their passes will be Sunday, October 20th, so please be sure to email in before then so that we can get you set up on the guestlist.

    We’re looking forward to seeing you at EVE Vegas!

  • The New Eden Cook-Off: Winners Announced!

    4. October 2019 18:02

    Discuss the competition and the results over on the official forums.

    Hello culinary capsuleers!

    In August we announced the New Eden Cook-Off contest where our players were invited to submit EVE-themed recipes and show off their cooking talents. We were overwhelmed with the response! We got over 60 submissions of amazing dishes inspired by EVE Online.

    After the competition closed the community team at CCP sat down and short-listed the finalists whose recipes we thought best captured the spirit of the competition. We were looking for food that made good use of EVE lore and/or RP in their recipes, the amount of effort put into their submission, the cooking talent on display and of course general deliciousness.

    After that we put the finalists to a company-wide vote and now the results are in!

    First, let's recap the prizes:

    • 1st prize is to have your dish cooked and tasted at CCP by the CCP community, as well as 1500 PLEX and the following SKINs; Revelation Lavacore, Apostle Lavacore, Apocalypse Lavacore and the Confessor Lavacore.
    • 2nd prize is 1000 PLEX and the following SKINs; Apostle Lavacore, Apocalypse Lavacore and the Confessor Lavacore.
    • 3rd prize is 500 PLEX and the following SKINs; Apocalypse Lavacore and the Confessor Lavacore.

    And now without further ado:

    3rd Place Winner - Terminus Cake

    Submitted by Michael Harari from Genos Occidere

    terminus cake From Michael: "The Terminus Stream was a landmark in Vuorrassi. It was an unstable wormhole which would deal damage to nearby ships, with more damage the close ships got to its exotic particle stream. With the release of Crucible, the terminus stream vanished. This cake was made by capsuleer pilgrims to the Terminus Stream's former site. The shape echoes the damaging emissions of the high energy particles that would tear apart even the strongest battleship. The cake itself is bright blue/purple (depends on the blackberries), light and strongly fruit flavored." View the full recipe

    2nd Place Winner - Amarrian Walnut Salad with Fedo Filet

    Submitted by Veronika Renalard from Cardinal Gate Company

    amarrian salad Veronika didn't include much in the way of lore with their submission, but they did produce a beautiful booklet of the full recipe which is sprinkled with New Eden references. The PLEX croutons and "Damsel in Dis Dressing" are also an awesome touch.

    1st Place Winner - Sarpati Family Meal

    Submitted by Archeal Azzamean from Inglorious Initiative

    sarpati family meal From Archael: "Ah yes, the meals upon a true wonderland orbiting Serpentis Prime are ones to behold. Decadence, culture, and artistry are upon the table of the family every day and the options always abound. Don’t believe me? Let me walk you through a meal I once observed while working some stints that got me a little closer to the family than I was probably intended..." View the full story and recipe

    Congratulations to all our winners but especially Archeal Azzamean. We were blown away by the amount of effort that went into his meal and the excellent in-character story that accompanied the submission. If I were the kingpin of a New Eden crime family that's probably what I'd be having for dinner every day!

    As part of the competition we in the community team at CCP now need recreate Archeal's Sarpati Family Meal in the kitchen of the CCP cantina. I hope we're up to the task! We'll make a video of our attempt which will be released later this year. All of the winners prizes will be on their way to them soon and we hope they enjoy their PLEX and gorgeous Lavacore SKINs.

    Honourable Mentions

    In addition to our 3 winners there were 5 other finalists who dazzled us with their submissions but didn't quite make it into the top three. We'd like to give a special acknowledgement to the following capsuleers who also submitted amazing dishes:

    Les tours de la vie (The Rounds of Life) from Robert Dozier

    Rounds of life From Robert: "As the ancient settlers of Earth in New Eden struggled to survive their new home away from Earth, survival was very important. The need to make food stretch as long as possible was extremely necessary. These ancient settlers brought a couple of staples with them, Chicken and Rice. These two items became a staple for them, however, at the time trying to survive on new worlds they needed something that combined was both calorie-dense while portable. Chicken wrapped in rice became a popular meal to go. As the ancient settlers grew in the Gallente Federation, the Gallente people did not want to forget their past so this simple recipe was passed down from generation to generation and became an important item in the history of Gallente." View the full recipe

    Remembrance of Reclaiming Cake from NorthCrossroad

    reclaiming cake 1 From NorthCrossroad: "Specifically cooked in Amarr and Khanid families only on the day when it is believed that the war of The Reclaiming began in 20078 AD. This holiday holds great value both as a religious holiday and as a celebration for all Amarrian military might. That is why, often times you would find religious ingredients like holy water, blessed flour and eggs on the inside and some depiction of Amarrian military might on the outside in the cake's decor." View the full recipe

    Rorqual Cookies from Space Warfare Development

    rorqual cookies From Space Warfare Development: "The room temperature boost softens the butter and normalizes the egg, giving a 75% bonus to better mixing with other ingredients. Solid butter carries an active armor bonus and will out-tank your mixing spoon for 30 minutes or until the butter normalizes to room temperature. After a time, the butter runs out of cap, becomes soft at room temperature, and mixes well with other ingredients..." View the full recipe

    Vherokior Freedom Day Cattle Dumplings from Kuan Yida

    dumplings From Kuan: "These dumplings come in many forms but since the rarity of pigs to Vherokior clans Cattle has become the staple meat for these. Other ingredients include Spiced Wine of various origins, and Vherokior Medicinal Herbs, which can be tricky to obtain. The preparation of these is considered a family activity, with all family members pitching in on preparing the wrappers and filling." View the full recipe

    Tight Juicy Wormholes from Phillip Drake

    (strong language warning)

    Thank you to everyone who entered the contest, it was really hard to choose among the finalists. If you'd like to attempt any of these recipes or create your own original EVE-themed cuisine make sure to drop us a line at communityteam@ccpgames.com so we can check it out and share it yourself on social media with the #evecookoff hashtag.

  • 2019/10/08 - October Release Deployment Information

    4. October 2019 16:00

    We're delighted to announce deployment of the October release is scheduled for next Tuesday, October 8th during an extended downtime.

    Downtime will begin at the usual time of 11:00 UTC and will run for thirty minutes, during which the October release will be deployed.

    It is expected that Tranquility will be back online and accepting connections at 11:30 UTC.

    The October Release brings the new Mimesis implant set, along with improved contextual menus for cynosural fields and a whole host of New Player Experience and User Interface improvements.

    This release also includes a substantial number of fixes for gameplay, graphics and the user interface.

    Be sure to check out the full patch notes here for in depth details of changes and fixes coming with this release.