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  • Upcoming Abyssal Proving Grounds Events

    7. August 2020 20:00

    Proven Capsuleers,

    The Triglavian Collective continue to dovetail their invasion efforts by inviting Capsuleers to test their might in the Abyssal Proving Grounds within the depths of Abyssal Deadspace! Accessible through dedicated sets of Proving Filaments that remain active during a series of limited time events, these new Proving Grounds will be accessible to small groups of Capsuleers, fighting against each other in a variety of specified ship types.

    The schedule for the next three Abyssal Proving Grounds events is as follows:

    21 - 25 August: 2v2 Battlecruisers

    Ship Types: Drake, Ferox, Naga, Prophecy, Harbinger, Oracle, Brutix, Myrmidon, Talos, Cyclone, Hurricane, Tornado, and Gnosis - limited to meta 5 (Tech II) modules (no Faction/Deadspace/Officer/Abyssal modules). Pirate implants are also restricted.

    28 August - 1 September: 5v5 Corvettes

    Ship Types: Ibis, Velator, Reaper, and Impairor - limited to meta 4 (Tech I and named) modules (no Tech II/Faction/Deadspace/Officer/Abyssal modules). Pirate implants are also restricted.

    4 - 8 September: Caldari Union Day 2v2 Faction Frigates/Interceptors/Destroyers

    Ship Types: Caldari Navy Hookbill, Griffin Navy Issue, Raptor, Crow, Cormorant, and Corax - limited to meta 5 (Tech II) modules (no Faction/Deadspace/Officer/Abyssal modules). Pirate implants are also restricted.

    Be sure to check out full details on how the Abyssal Proving Grounds events work and keep track of Capsuleer performance and prowess in these Proving Grounds events using the leaderboards!

  • New Abyssal Proving Grounds Event

    7. August 2020 13:02

    The third Abyssal Proving Grounds event is now live in EVE Online, so make sure you have your Proving Filaments handy either from Abyssal Deadspace loot drops, or from the in-game market!

    Until 11:00 UTC on 11 August, you can further celebrate Amarr Foundation Day by engaging in 3v3 player combat with Imperial Navy Slicers, the only permitted hull for this event.

    Don't forget, you can keep track of Capsuleer performance and prowess in this event using the leaderboards!

  • Foundation Day event is live

    7. August 2020 13:00

    Faithful Capsuleers,

    Amarr Foundation Day returns once more, so it's time to rejoice and celebrate the Empire and its people! There is a daily login event running until 11:00 UTC on 10 August where you can claim free rewards, as well as attend Amarr parades in selected systems, and there will even be an awesome player-run gathering in-game to check out!

    By logging in daily during the Foundation Day event, you can claim free gifts such as Amarr-themed character apparel, Crown Imperial fireworks and Festival launcher, Khanid SKINs for the Amarr Shuttle and the Sigil, plus Skill Points to boost your training. Pilots in Omega Clone State will get bigger rewards, while also being able to claim the Alpha rewards too!

    In addition, you can visit Foundation Day event sites and witness celebratory parades where there will also be daily challenges with Skill Point rewards. These will take place in the Amarr, Ardishapur Prime, Kador Prime, Khanid Prime, Kor-Azor Prime, Sarum Prime, and Tash-Murkon Prime systems.

    What's more, there will be in-game player-run Foundation Day celebrations with a number of activities taking place, starting at 19:00 UTC on Sunday 9 August. Make sure you check out all the details on the EVE Online forums!

  • Slice of Life

    7. August 2020 00:30

    Competitive Capsuleers,

    The next Proving Grounds event kicks off on Friday, August 7 straight after downtime and runs until Tuesday, August 11. To celebrate Amarr Foundation Day this event will be the first to feature a single ship type - the fierce Imperial Navy Slicer.

    CCP will be joining the Foundation Day celebrations too - CCP Fozzie, CCP Signal and CCP Aurora will be fleeting up and testing themselves in the Proving Grounds from 15:00 UTC on Friday, August 7. Their efforts will be streamed live on CCP's Twitch channel so you can either tune in to watch, or if you prefer, grab some friends and some filaments then come find them in the arena!

    CCP Convict will be hosting the stream and along the way we'll talk about upcoming event formats and some exciting changes coming soon to the Proving Grounds. Plus, everyone likes to talk about the weather so we'll also discuss the Metaliminal Storms which will be arriving later this month.

    See you there!

  • Metaliminal Storms - New update

    4. August 2020 16:50

    Weathered Capsuleers,

    Chaotic storms of Abyssal energy - called Metaliminal Storms - will begin appearing randomly in nullsec space this August when the Metaliminal Storms update goes live, as an unexpected side effect of the Triglavian invasion! These roaming storms will move slowly between star systems via the gate network.

    The wandering weather will apply system effects, not unlike those seen in wormhole space and Abyssal Deadspace, with a core of systems that contain the strongest effects, as well as a periphery of additional star systems exhibiting weaker versions of those effects, also.

    These storms will affect Capsuleer vessels in a number of ways, providing new challenges and opportunities across nullsec frontiers. In addition to the system effects, the core systems will also have additional sites spawning that can be discovered by Capsuleers who venture into the storm for potential riches!

    To learn more and discuss the Metaliminal Storms please head over to this thread on the official forums.

  • New Abyssal Proving Grounds Event

    31. July 2020 13:01

    The second Abyssal Proving Grounds event is now live in EVE Online, so make sure you have your Proving Filaments handy either from Abyssal Deadspace loot drops, or from the in-game market!

    Until 11:00 UTC on 4 August, you can engage in 5-player Tech 1 Destroyer free-for-all combat, meaning that the permitted hulls for this event are the Corax, Cormorant, Coercer, Dragoon, Thrasher, Talwar, Algos, Catalyst, and Sunesis.

    In even more exciting news, the leaderboards are now up and running, so you can keep track of Capsuleer performance and prowess in this event!

    You can also get 30% off selected SKINs such as Oasis of Faith, Zento Isideko Combine and Snowline Bladeracer for the above Destroyers at EVE Online's New Eden Store until 6 August, so make sure your ship looks its finest for combat in the Proving Grounds!

  • Summer SKIN Sale - 30% Off

    30. July 2020 13:01

    The Summer SKIN Sale has come again to EVE Online's New Eden Store, with two consecutive weeks of 30% discounts on selected SKINs starting at 11:00 UTC on 30 July until 11:00 UTC on 6 August, then from 11:00 UTC on 6 August to 11:00 UTC on 13 August for the second week.

    Selected SKINs include Metamateria Exotica, Caille Neon, Vitalshift EGO, Inner Zone Vanguard and many more for a variety of hulls, so be sure to visit the NES regularly before downtime on 13 August!

    You can also get 30% off both the Attack Commander and the Fleet Commander SKIN bundles in the New Eden Store to coincide with the Combat Command update! The command ship bundle offers will run until 11:00 UTC on 13 August.

    Last but not least, enjoy 30% off selected SKINs such as Oasis of Faith, Zento Isideko Combine and Snowline Bladeracer for all nine Destroyer hulls eligible for the current Abyssal Proving Grounds event until 11:00 UTC on 6 August!

  • Combat Command Update now live

    28. July 2020 13:01

    Commanding Capsuleers,

    The Combat Command update for EVE Online is now live! Part of the Zenith Quadrant, this update introduces changes to command ships that will make more of them viable for use in fleets as key vessels, worth taking note of if you're currently involved in some serious warfare!

    Acting as the start of another series of the popular regular cadence updates, the Combat Command update brings changes to command burst bonuses on attack command ships that will further differentiate them from fleet command ships.

    Fleet command ship changes will focus on command burst range, with attack command ship changes focusing on command burst strength. The Eos in particular will receive a significant rework.

    It's time for those under-used command ships to enjoy their moment in the limelight and take a more lasting and significant role in fleet fights when it comes to serious PvP warfare in New Eden!

    Keep your eyes open for two command ship SKIN bundles coming very soon to EVE Online's New Eden Store between 30 July and 13 August, featuring stunning SKINs for the Absolution, Sleipnir, Nighthawk, Astarte, Damnation, Claymore, Vulture, and Eos!

  • Tribute to the Fallen

    21. July 2020 14:00

    In 2007 Azia Burgi decided that it was a shame for the corpses of capsuleers to be left unceremoniously adrift in space. Having seen a cathedral-like structure in Kor Azor, Azia figured it would be fitting for the location to also have a graveyard. Being only a couple jumps from low security space, Azia and a few friends would venture out to gather the corpses left behind from battles to bring back to the cemetery, carefully cataloguing the name and date of the person interred – and eventually even upgrading them from a ‘grave’ to a ‘mausoleum’ if enough corpses were recovered. These graves took the form of cargo containers anchored around the site.

    In 2008 the way items were anchored in space was changed, and the cemetery needed to move to a POS to prevent the graves from eventually despawning – objects near a POS would not decay. At the time of this move there were over 500 graves in the site.

    Azia made a forum post about her project and, over time, the cemetery began to garner a fair share of fame – becoming something of a tourist attraction in New Eden as people came to see the amassed gravesites. This attracted the attention of those who would desecrate these graves as well, and the cemetery has come under attack on several occasions – being rebuilt each time.

    Over time, the purpose of the site has shifted for those who visit it. Originally a role-play burial site simply for in-game characters the site has now become a destination for capsuleers looking to memorialize friends, family and fellow capsuleers who have passed on. Even today, capsuleers still visit the site to anchor a can in remembrance, placing inside it a few keepsake items (and sometimes a corpse) to remember them by and setting a short message on the anchored can.

    When it was announced that POS’s would eventually be phased out of the game there was some concern for the future of this site, and about a year ago we presented a plan to replace the current POS with a more permanent memorial.

    The new monument is made of earth like materials (basaltic columns) which serve the purpose of guarding our fallen capsuleers, represented by the two figures leaving the pod in a ray of light at the center. Every so often a ball of light builds around the capsule before ascending upward towards the stars.

    We’re happy to announce this new monument is finally live on Tranquility. And worry not, just like the existing POS, cans dropped within 200km of the site will not despawn - although they may still be destroyed or looted. Should you wish to pay your respects, venture out to Molea, anchor a can and perhaps you will be lucky enough to witness the ascension of light effect if you visit at the right time.

    To all of our capsuleers who have ventured onwards,

    Fly safe

  • Proving Filaments Stream Dream Teams

    17. July 2020 18:30

    With the introduction of the new Proving Filaments this week we thought it would be the perfect time to stage a huge event: CCP and our amazing streaming community will be teaming up to bring you some epic 2v2 PvP action!

    On Saturday, July 18 from 19:00 to 21:00 UTC/EVE time the streamer + dev teams will be running the Proving Filaments on Tranquility in their best* T1 cruiser fits, streaming the action live and looking for fights!

    You can tune in to watch your favourite streamer or just cherry pick from any of the many concurrent streams that will be running. Or of course you can just grab a friend, log in to EVE and run the filaments yourself during this time - you'll be guaranteed to get some good fights and you might get matched up against one of the many streamer + dev teams that will be active during this period and gather some highly coveted killmails!

    Here are the confirmed teams and where you can watch them:

    Of course if you can't decide who to watch you can always keep an eye on the multistream link to see where the action is going down! 1 | 2

    If you want to fly out to meet us then remember that the 2v2 Proving Filaments for the opening event of Quadrant 3 are restricted to the Omen, Caracal, Thorax, Stabber, Maller, Moa, Vexor, Rupture, Arbitrator, Blackbird, Celestis and Bellicose hulls.

    We'll see you on Twitch... or in the arena!

    *Fits may actually be super bad.