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  • Battleship Brawl In The Proving Grounds

    8. January 2022 12:00

    Festive Capsuleers!

    The first new Abyssal Proving Grounds of 2022 is coming to New Eden! The event will run for one day only on 8 January 2022.

    The focus for this latest encounter is the crowd favorite 1v1 battleship showdown, set in the distinctly chilly atmosphere of the Winter Nexus Arena.

    Against this frosty backdrop, there’ll also be a number of tactical twists to consider when fitting your battleships:

    • 100% bonus to Afterburner speed
    • A reduction in damage from module overheating
    • Limit of one local repair module (shield or armor) per ship

    Each battleship will be restricted to using Meta 5 modules, and the following modules will be banned outright:

    • Sensor Damp and Weapon Disruptor range scripts
    • Shield Rechargers
    • Shield Power Relays
    • Shield Flux Coils
    • Purger Rigs

    There’ll also be a repeatable event challenge, giving you the chance to add 100,000,000 ISK to your wallet!

    Bring your best Tech 1 battleship fits, and fight for the last of the festive rewards and glory!

  • Community Beat for 7 January

    7. January 2022 17:30

    Happy New Year, Capsuleers!

    The Community Beat is back for YC124, excited by the prospects of a new year ahead of us. In our last publication we learned about some EVE traditions, celebrated a decade of organized space trucking, witnessed some jaw-dropping EVE-inspired art, and hopped down under for a look at EDU.

    As the Beat starts in this new year, we cover the Winter Dev Caravan battlereport, prepare for the first player meetup of the year, and check out some of our EVE Online Partners.

    Let’s get to it!

    Battle Report: Winter Dev Caravan

    Winter Dev Caravan

    On 17 December, CCP’s annual Winter Dev Caravan undocked looking for mischief! FC’d by none other than Bjorn Bee, the Dev Caravan – a fleet of game developers and awesome ISD volunteers - went to one of the most infamous low-sec hubs New Eden has to offer: Amamake.

    This was not just your standard roam, as Amamake was also filled with some surprise guests in big ships. CCP Alpha, piloting a Leviathan filled with SKINs, was joined by dozens of Russian content creators and streamers in dreadnoughts; if the bounty on CCP wasn’t enough, this added perk proved irresistible to some of the larger PvP groups in the area.

    Local quickly swelled and small skirmishes broke out waiting to see what the Leviathan and the other capitals would get up to. The fight ended up starting in a quintessential EVE way – by someone accidentally warping to the gate! As that happened, all of the various fleets quickly followed and began skirmishing while posturing to kill the various capitals. After a solid hour of fights around the grid, Snuffed Out decided to drop their own capitals to dominate what remained of the field. With thousands of participants and hundreds of billions destroyed, the final Dev Caravan of 2021 went out with quite the bang!

    Thanks Bjorn Bee for leading us, and to everyone who came out to make this event a blast – we can’t wait to see you in space on the next one!

    Fleet up – Washington DC Meet!

    RampageInc Meetup

    The cyno is up for the Friendship in Washington DC next weekend! What started as a meetup for Karmafleet’s 7 year anniversary quickly blossomed into one of the larger US player meetups of the year. Some 140 EVE players have already registered for the meeting from 14-15 January, where all capsuleers are welcome to join up with EVE friends and chat. The event is organized by the streaming community of Merkelchen, Innominate, and Brisc Rubal (otherwise known as ‘Rampage Inc’) and will feature a reception on Friday evening and a Saturday night dinner.
    As with all EVE events, we look forward to the amazing stories and fun pictures. To learn more about the event, check out the Eventbrite link or the Rampage Inc Discord

    Introducing: New Eden Travellers!


    Many EVE players are familiar with Signal Cartel; the peaceful exploration-focused group currently led by famed cartographer Katia Sae. Between mapping Thera and stocking wormhole rescue caches, Signal Cartel have certainly left an indelible mark on New Eden.

    In a collaboration with Mark726, whose marvelous EVE Travel Blog we chatted about in the second Community Beat, Katia Sae and Signal Cartel debuted a new video series this week entitled: New Eden Travelers. The first video of the series, aptly titled 'In The Beginning', looks to explore New Eden and unearth information about sites that you may not be familiar with.

    Whether you want to learn more about the mysteries of New Eden, or you’d just like to sit back and marvel at beautiful cinematics, New Eden Travellers is a must watch. Even though we’ve just finished the first episode, we find ourselves anxiously awaiting the second!

    Partner Spotlight – EVEnton and MrUnluckie


    EVE Online is filled with amazing content creators. One of the newer additions to the EVE Partner Program is Twitch streamer by the name of MrUnluckie. Focusing mostly on small-gang PvP, MrUnluckie has an incredibly entertaining and informative stream; if you’re interested in what small-scale fleet warfare looks like in New Eden, this is the perfect watch. Once you’re engrossed in his content, you’ll quickly find out that he’s anything but his namesake!


    While not a new face to the Partner Program, our next partner is a stable in the EVE Online Youtube scene. Whether you’re interested in gameplay, earning ISK, ship fitting, patch-note breakdowns, or looks at in-game events, EVEnton has you covered on his Youtube channel. New players and veterans alike can expand their knowledge base in an incredibly inviting atmosphere, and just check out areas of the game they may not be familiar with. In EVE it’s all too easy to focus on specialization, but we’re always humbled by players who excel at a wide variety of activities.

    That’s it for this publication of the Community Beat! Tune in on 21 January for the next installment, and as always we'd love to know what you think of the Beat - so head on over to the EVE Online forums to chat and share your stories.

  • Doctor Who is coming to EVE Online!

    4. January 2022 16:00

    Whovian Capsuleers ,

    The world of Doctor Who is coming to EVE Online via a limited-time crossover event taking place in New Eden from 13 January!

    Doctor Who is the longest running sci-fi series of all time, first being broadcast on the BBC in 1963, and still going strong today. The Time Lord and their many iconic foes are beloved the world over – and now it is up to you, the pilots of New Eden, to continue the fight against the Doctor’s greatest enemy.

    The EVE Online x Doctor Who crossover will take place as an entirely original in-game event, called The Interstellar Convergence. Set before the Time Lords’ 400-year-long conflict with the Daleks, ‘The Last Great Time War ’, this very special EVE event will run for over two weeks until 1 February. The Interstellar Convergence will be unlike any other EVE event before it, introducing a beguiling mystery, a trail of clues, multiple challenges, themed items, and even a vibrant new area of space.

    Dr who 1 820x

    Unearth Doctor Who-related artifacts and use them to track down the Dalek menace. Face off against the infamous evildoers in an interstellar battle of the ages and claim Doctor Who-inspired rewards to take back to New Eden.

    To find out more about the threat that is coming to the New Eden star cluster, keep an eye on the EVE Online news page, social channels, and more. There’s much to be learned about how wormhole-like phenomena have been taking ships from New Eden to an unknown area of space littered with wrecks of unknown vessels – and traces of others that have moved on. But what do those traces mean? And what does this have to do with the Daleks? Discover more starting 13 January!

    Dr Who 2 820x

    One thing you can be sure of is that The Interstellar Convergence will be one of the most distinct, engrossing events ever to take place in EVE Online, whether you are a die-hard fan of the Time Lord’s adventures, or entirely new to Doctor Who. What’s more, The Interstellar Convergence has been designed from the ground up to offer experienced EVE players plenty of fresh and captivating gameplay , while remaining welcoming to new pilots – including Doctor Who fans who are new to EVE Online.

    Want to keep up with all the EVE Online x Doctor Who news and updates? Keep your eye on the EVE Online homepage for all the latest!

  • Frozen Fury in the Proving Grounds!

    31. December 2021 12:00

    Ice-cold Capsuleers,

    Warm yourself up during the holiday season in the final Abyssal Proving Ground event of 2021, going all-out in intense free-for-all combat aboard powerful and flexible tech I cruisers, with damage from overheating modules reduced – a red-hot contest in a frost-filled seasonal Proving Arena environment!

    This event begins at 1100 UTC on 31 December, and runs until 1100 UTC on 4 January.

    The ruleset is as follows:

    • Only the Omen, Caracal, Thorax, Stabber, Maller, Moa, Vexor, Rupture, Arbitrator, Blackbird, Celestis, and Bellicose will be permitted to enter the Proving Ground
    • Shield rechargers, power relays, flux coils, and purger rigs are restricted
    • Limit of one local repair module (shield or armor) per ship
    • Afterburner velocity bonus increased by 100%
    • Module Overheat damage reduced by 50%
    • Fittings restricted to Meta 5 (base tech 2 modules/drones only)

    Warm up your weapons, grab your Proving Ground Filaments (available in Abyssal Deadspace caches, in Triglavian wrecks in Pochven, or on the in-game market), and brace yourself for a blistering contrast of hot and cold as you climb the Proving Grounds leaderboards, gaining notoriety and earning special rewards!

  • InterBus Launch PSA Series

    24. December 2021 12:00

    The InterBus Corporation developed a series of seasonally themed public safety announcements to help keep space-farers safe while undertaking interstellar travel last holiday season, and have done so again this year. Last year’s PSA campaign was so innovative and so well received by critics that it had already won awards from more than one government agency before the first public broadcasts had even started.

    The PSAs from the series are based on old spacer tales and superstitions about clone blanks coming to life and creating mayhem aboard ship.

    The intentionally humorous safety displays issued by The InterBus warn against hazards, carelessness, and waste.

    The Yoiul Clones you’ll see featured are as follows:

    • Livestock-Liberator - The grotesque, electro-prod-limbed Livestock-Liberator Clone warns of the risks of rampaging livestock such as genetically-modified cattle or cybernetic slaver hounds getting loose.

    • Fuel-Stealer - The bizarre, fuel-siphon-nosed Fuel-Stealer Clone warns of the waste that can be caused by poor fuel economy or failure to properly secure tanks and fuel systems.

    • Radiation-Rogue - The eery, glowing Radiation-Rogue Clone warns of deadly risks if radiation sources are not made absolutely secure or are tampered with during flight.

    • Tool-Swiper - The weird, multi-tool-fingered Tool-Swiper Clone warns crew to be careful with their tools and always return them to the proper stowage or lockers.

    • Recycler-Raider - The crazed, garbage-covered Recycler-Raider Clone warns passengers and crew to place all garbage in recyclers and properly secure the shipboard waste-management systems.

    • Water-Sucker - The strange, pump-mouthed Water-Sucker Clone warns all aboard ship to take special care with precious water and ensure seals on H2O storage are maintained properly.

    • Airlock-Slammer - The demented, claw-handed Airlock-Slammer Clone warns all crew and passengers to double-check that airlocks are secure and monitors are green after passing through.

    • Ectoplasm-Skimmer - The weirdly-mutated Ectoplasm-Skimmer Clone exhorts crew to maintain biohazard seals and properly secure feeds and lines carrying biomatter, such as waste ectoplasm and fresh hydrostatic capsule fluid.

    • Ration-Grabber - The bloated, greedy Ration-Grabber Clone warns passengers to be careful with their meal rations and always dispose of left-over food properly when finished eating.

    • Scanner-Jacker - The strange, sensor-eyed Scanner-Jacker Clone warns crew of the serious hazards to navigation and ship safety posed by damaged or improperly calibrated scanning and sensor equipment.

    • Data-Sniffer - The grotesqe, dataprobe-nosed Data-Sniffer Clone warns crew and passengers to exercise extreme caution when downloading data to ship's systems from unsecured sources on the GalNet or other public networks.

    • Freezer-Thief - The sinister, hook-handed Freezer-Thief Clone warns passengers to steer clear of cold zones and crew to secure freezer bays carefully against intrusion and accidents.

    • Power-Drainer - The bizarre, plug-handed Power-Drainer Clone warns crew and passengers alike to turn off lights and displays not in use, and always use low power mode when active systems are not vital to ongoing ship operations.

  • Winter Nexus: 50% off 3M Omega + 3M MCT

    22. December 2021 12:00

    Jovial Capsuleers,

    The Winter Nexus is upon us and it’s time for a popular deal to return. Visit the EVE Store today to get 50% off three months of Omega time together with three months of Multiple Character Training (MCT)! This limited time additional training slot is activated instantly and will allow you to immediately start training a second character on your account.

    Pick up these festive savings before 3 January and get all the benefits of Omega including doubled training speed, advanced skills, access to bigger ships, and more.

    In addition to being amazing value for Omega time, the possibilities for your alts are endless. Whether you train a hauling character to move your items swiftly around New Eden or skill up a new capital pilot to dominate in fleet fights, the choice is yours!

    Fancy unwrapping something a little different? Daily deals on SKINs are running in the New Eden Store with up to 50% off through to 3 Jan. You can also top up your Omega time with 15% off 1M Omega in the NES until 24 Dec so don’t miss these festive treats!

  • Proving Grounds – 1v1 Frigate combat!

    18. December 2021 12:00

    Winter hardy Capsuleers,

    As the temperature drops for the holiday season, the action in the Abyssal Proving Grounds is heating up!

    During the Winter Nexus festivities taking place across New Eden, a new Abyssal Proving Grounds event is set to bring a distinct combat setting where temperature plays a key role. Focused on fast-paced, agile 1v1 Navy Frigate action, this seasonal clash provides a chance to prove that you can adapt to conflict in unique circumstances, while you pursue both rewards and the sweet taste of victory.

    Not only does this Proving Grounds contest take place in a special winter-influenced environment – the battles will also play out with overheat module damage reduction in place, while providing an increased supply of loot to competitors. This Proving Grounds round will be open to pilots through all of 18 December.

    The permitted hulls for this event are the Imperial Navy Slicer, Crucifier Navy Issue, Caldari Navy Hookbill, Griffin Navy Issue, Federation Navy Comet, Maulus Navy Issue, Republic Fleet Firetail, and Vigil Fleet Issue. The following arena effects will be in place throughout the event:

    • 100% bonus to Afterburner speed
    • Sensor Dampener modules banned

    Pilots that join this event will also be restricted to Meta 5 modules.

    To join this round of ice-cold Abyssal Proving Grounds action, grab those Proving Filaments and head to the Proving Grounds throughout 18 December, running for 24 hours from 11:00 UTC. Once again, the Proving Grounds leaderboards will allow you to track Capsuleer performance throughout this very special 1v1 event.

    Get ready for some high-energy combat action, and good luck!

  • Tis the Season

    17. December 2021 16:00

    Festive Capsuleers,

    Across the world, it’s the season for cozying up by the fire (or kicking back at the beach, for those of us down under), celebrating the holidays & the end of the year, and brightly looking forward to the next one. This year, as we gather with family, friends, and those close to us, give (or get) the gift of a ticket to the world’s greatest gathering of space friends and foes next year, at EVE FANFEST 2022!

    After far too long apart, we’re overjoyed and eager to be forming up once again next May in Reykjavik, Iceland, bringing Capsuleers from every corner of the globe together for an unforgettable weekend. Look forward to exciting presentations, keynotes and the long-anticipated live conclusion of the Invasion Tournament Series, join in the (in)famous pub crawl, warp to the dance floor at the unforgettable Party at the Top of the World, and more! Reunite at long last face-to-face with fellow players and developers both in the venue and beyond, reminiscing about your experiences in New Eden and creating treasured new memories!

    Super Early Bird tickets for Fanfest 2022 (including entry to the Party at the Top of the World) are still available at the best possible price, and there are plenty more where those came from – so secure your spot and prepare for the best Fanfest yet!

    Additionally, as of today, tickets for a variety of extra events are now available through the Fanfest 2022 Eventbrite page:

    Golden Circle Tour with Devs – 5 May

    geyser-3242005 960 720

    Embark on a trip to Iceland’s most famous landmarks with the devs, stopping for lunch at the amazing Friðheimar greenhouse!

    Charity Dinner at CCP Games Gróska HQ – 5 May

    Dapper Quant 820x

    Join the developers at CCP Games’ headquarters for an evening of food and drinks, with beer, wine, and all kinds of food to pick and choose from!

    Sisters of EVE Tour – 6 May

    SOE 820x Any

    An always-popular accompanying event, this special tour provides a partner or friend who isn’t attending Fanfest a spectacular one-day trip along the southern coast of Iceland, one of the country's most scenic regions – as well as entry to the Party at the Top of the World!

    Pub Crawl – 6 May

    Pub Crawl 820x

    The crown jewel of Fanfest’s Friday night jubilations for many years, the Pub Crawl warps Capsuleers into some of the best bars in Iceland after a day of events for a night of socializing & drinking with friends and devs. Additionally, we’ll also be hosting a special new “Gourmet Tour” edition of the Pub Crawl this year , bringing together those who prefer a more intimate and sober experience for non-alcoholic drinks and gourmet treats!

    Party at the Top of the World – 7 May

    Fanfest Party 820x

    The phenomenal finale party of Fanfest at Laugardalshöll Arena, with energizing onstage artists lighting the fuse for a fun-filled night. Entry to this event is included in every Fanfest ticket, but individual event tickets are also available for anyone who wants to join in!

    There will also be a variety of other events taking place throughout the week of Fanfest, including events on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, which will be announced in the coming weeks.

    We can’t wait to kick off the celebrations – in the meantime, have a wonderful holiday season, and we’ll see you in space!

  • Your Year In EVE

    17. December 2021 14:00

    It’s almost the end of another stellar year in EVE Online, and that means it’s time to celebrate your life in New Eden over the last 12 months. Omega pilots can check their email now for your personalized video, charting triumphs, achievements, and mishaps in 2021! Share your video for a chance to win exciting prizes!

    Your personalized video draws on your activity in EVE to paint a picture of how you’ve left your mark on New Eden this year. Just like last year we'll be looking at your activities from 1 January until 30 November. From exploration to PvP, mission-running to manufacturing, these videos provide a precise snapshot of what EVE’s meant to you in 2021 - and what you’ve meant to EVE.

    Share your highlights directly from the website using the hashtag #MyEVE2021! Winners will be selected on 17 January 2022, allowing them to kickstart their New Eden adventure in style.

    As we approach a new year in EVE, don’t miss this opportunity to sit back and enjoy your personalized review of 2021! Head on over to the EVE Online Forums if you have any questions about your video, or if you just want to show off to fellow Capsuleers!

  • Victors and Spoils

    16. December 2021 11:00

    Victorious Capsuleers,

    A massive 75 individual teams clashed against one another in Alliance Tournament XVII, putting forth a ferocious display of willpower, combat, and tactical knowledge as they battled for victory – and after more than 36 hours of tournament streams, Hydra Reloaded defeated WE FORM V0LTA to claim the cup!

    This year, as previously mentioned bonus prizes, tokenized CONCORD killmail certificates have been minted on the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain for each kill during ATXVII and distributed to the pilots who took the final shot for each one. Each holder is free to keep or sell their kill NFT as they please – however, the first 10 pilots to sell theirs will receive a bonus of 20 tez on top of the kill token’s sale value!

    We’d also like to announce a promotional out-of-game raffle open to any EVE player who has connected their account with a Tezos wallet on the official CONCORD Killmail site. Previously connected accounts as well as any new ones connected before the end of the entry period will be automatically entered into the drawing, with a up to 300 tez up for grabs as prizes! The last day for entry is 31 December, and the winners will be announced in the first week of January – so jump in and join us for a fun raffle!

    Additionally, each participant in the ATXVII finals will be receiving an NFT celebrating their progression to the final rounds, and the final kill and death of the tournament will each have a tokenized art piece created for them – adding a colorful extra way to memorialize the largest Alliance Tournament yet!

    Finally, we will be creating Top 10 AT Moments as NFTs in order to commemorate the best moments of this years AT. More on that in early January!

    NFT 820x Any

    As NFTs have been a subject of contention in online communities in the past year, we want to make it as clear as possible to players that this initiative was taken up as a measured bonus for this year’s Alliance Tournament, on top of the tournament’s legendary ship prizes and the priceless notoriety of having fought in one of the EVE Online community’s most exciting and treasured events. The Tezos blockchain was intentionally chosen for this effort due to its profoundly minimal energy consumption compared to other networks, motivated by important concerns regarding the environmental impact of NFTs; we at CCP want to ensure that EVE Online’s effect on players and the wider world we inhabit remains and continues healthy and positive – both out-of-game as seen here, as well as through the ongoing refactoring of EVE’s ecosystem into a sturdy, lasting foundation to build on going forward.

    We’re happy to celebrate another energized & exhilarating Alliance Tournament as EVE approaches its nineteenth year; enjoy the spoils, and we’ll see you in space!