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  • Stream Dream Teams 2

    9. April 2021 18:00

    Last year we held a special livestream event when the Proving Grounds were introduced to New Eden called Stream Dream Teams which saw CCP devs team up with EVE streamers to take on all comers in the abyssal arena.

    With The Hunt currently taking place in New Eden and a special team-based Proving Grounds format on the cards we figured it was time to go again with Stream Dream Teams 2!

    On Saturday, 10 April at 18:00 UTC teams of streamers and devs will be hitting the Proving Grounds. You can tune into watch the explosions on Twitch or gather up your own spacefriends and come looking for us!

    Confirmed teams are:

    Check out your favourite streamer at the links above or if you can't decide where to begin you can use the multistream link to see where the action is happening.

    See you on Twitch (or in the arena!)

  • Abyssal Proving Grounds Are Back

    9. April 2021 13:00

    Eagerly competitive Capsuleers,

    The Abyssal Proving Grounds of New Eden are once again opening for battle, offering you a chance to assert your PvP dominance in some of the cluster’s most exhilarating organized combat.

    Running live from 11:00 UTC 9 April until 11:00 UTC 13 April, the new Abyssal Proving Grounds event focusses on 3v3 Tech I destroyer battles. Permitted hulls eligible for this round are: Cormorant, Corax, Algos, Catalyst, Dragoon, Coercer, Thrasher, Talwar, and Sunesis.

    All pilots that enter the Abyssal Proving Grounds for a spot of 3v3 destroyer combat will be granted a +10% thermal/kinetic missile damage bonus while competing, promising distinct and high-energy battles to keep players of every skill level on their toes. - Modules limited to meta level 5 and below - No pirate implants

    This Abyssal Proving Grounds round also runs parallel to The Hunt – a sweeping event with multiple elements across EVE Online, including special combat and exploration sites, valuable rewards, PvP Implant drops, a NES sale, Omega and MCT discounts, a merch sale, and more. As such, competing in the 3v3 destroyer Proving Grounds event will contribute to your The Hunt daily login bonus. Visit New Eden for 10 of The Hunt’s 14 days to claim a range of reward SKINs. Be sure not to miss out! Gather your Proving Filaments and head to the Abyssal Proving Grounds!

    And finally, as ever you’ll be able to monitor Capsuleer performance in the Proving Grounds using the leaderboards.

  • New Zakura Shumyu Skins

    8. April 2021 13:30

    For a limited time only you will receive a previously unreleased Zakura Shumyu SKIN with purchases of PLEX or Omega time!

    Pick up 240 PLEX from the EVE Store and get the Rifter Zakura Shumyu SKIN free. You can also receive a free Punisher SKIN with a purchase of Omega time from the New Eden Store in-game.

    Be quick, though! This offer only lasts until 12 April!

  • Gate to Stain Under Construction

    1. April 2021 14:00

    Stain-based Capsuleers,

    As part of our next Quadrant release, you can expect to see a new route opening up in the southern regions of New Eden bringing a long-awaited Lowsec gate to Stain. This newly-built stargate will offer Capsuleers expedient access into and out of this NPC Nullsec region, making it much more favorable as a place to live or stage from.

    Unfortunately, CONCORD could not be contacted to issue a statement on the potential of a new gate to Stain being built. Instead, here are some comments on the topic by valued Capsuleers around the cluster:

    • Have you heard that Lowsec is missing a gate to Stain
    • How about enriching Lowsec and giving it direct gate connection to Stain?
    • Wait- what do you mean we cannot jump to Stain?
    • Stain is the best region in the game
    • Lowsec gate to Stain will not build itself

    Unfortunately, the gate to Stain would have been built sooner, but construction efforts were held up for some time after an Orca attempted to use the gate early and became lodged sideways in the jump tunnel.

  • The Hunt Returns!

    30. March 2021 13:00

    Scanners at the ready Capsuleers! The annual pod hunt has returned to New Eden and is now live, offering an opportunity to secure a bounty of rewards, discounts, and special bonuses.

    Running until 11:00 UTC on 13 April, The Hunt encourages you find and destroy mysterious Guristas capsules and claim the keys inside. Those keys will provide access to special time-limited combat sites. The capsules are reported to be orbiting celestial bodies in random star systems, and can be pinpointed by employing directional scanners or a probe scanner.

    This increasingly infamous event also brings opportunities to explore non-combative hacking sites, claim daily login SKIN bonuses, enter the fray in The Hunt-themed Abyssal Proving Grounds battles, take advantage of discounted SKINs, and more.

    A focus on smaller ship classes such as frigates and destroyers ensures that The Hunt provides plenty of opportunity and challenge for both newcomers and battle-hardened veterans.

    Ready to get podding? Before you begin your pursuit, check out this quick guide to every element of The Hunt:


    Throughout the 14 days of The Hunt, combat sites will be restricted to frigates and destroyers (T1/T2/Faction). Standard sites across New Eden will be suitable for T1 frigates and destroyers. Meanwhile, the more demanding, more lucrative Huntmaster sites will only appear in Caldari Lowsec and in the Guristas’ beloved home region Venal, and have been balanced for T2 frigates and T2 destroyers.

    Each combat site will offer two combat rooms; one that can be accessed by all players, and a special area that will require key cards found in The Hunt’s mystery capsules. In those locked rooms, special loot drops will be available.


    During The Hunt, Capsuleers looking for a break from combat can visit special exploration sites where hacking challenges will not only provide means to secure standard loot, but also a chance to gain items normally only available through combat. Again, these sites are limited to T1/T2/Faction frigates and destroyers.


    Throughout the two-week period that The Hunt is live, there will be a special 50% implant drop from player capsules; an opportunity that should be particularly appealing to pilots that prefer to hunt in high security and low security space.


    Omega and Alpha pilots that login for 10 of The Hunt’s 14 days will be granted a range of reward SKINs. Check out the snapshot below to see some of the rewards up for grabs.

    Easter take over EN 820x230


    Shortly after The Hunt begins, running from 31 March to 5 April, visitors to the New Eden Store will be able to save 50% on 3 months of Omega and 3 months of Multiple Character Training (MCT), when purchasing the pair as a bundle. Omega lets you level up at twice the speed, command advanced ships, get better rewards from in-game events, access to higher tier missions, and much more besides. Meanwhile, MCT allows you to train skills on multiple characters on the same account simultaneously. Reach your goals faster with Omega and MCT together!

    3 Months Omega Deal


    During The Hunt, players will be able to head to the Abyssal Proving Grounds to demonstrate their prowess in 3v3 T1 destroyer combat, empowered by special missile and drone damage bonuses.


    A special New Eden Store sale will compliment The Hunt, also running until 13 April, offering 33% off a wide selection of SKINs. For the opening week of the sale, selected SKINs from popular lines including Hazard Control, Helmatt's Harriers, and Vitalshift EGO will be available at the discounted price. The following week, popular lines such as the Zento Isideko Combine and Bluestar Defenders will see some of their most sought-after SKINs reduced.

    Easter take over EN 820x230


    Throughout The Hunt, all purchases in the EVE Merch Store will come with a complimentary Hostile Takeover SKIN bundle featuring three stylish Guristas’ SKINS.

    Free Guristas Skins

  • Friendship Week Sale – Just 48h Left

    28. March 2021 16:00

    The Friendship Week Omega sale is ending soon so don’t miss out!

    There are just 48 hours left until 11:00 UTC on 30 March for you to get 15% off a full year of Omega.

    Visit the EVE Online Secure Store now to upgrade your gameplay and take New Eden by storm with double training speed, unlimited Skill access, and access to advanced ships and modules!

  • A significant update to Industry

    26. March 2021 16:00

    Industrious Capsuleers,

    A significant update to industry, focusing mainly on Tech I ship manufacturing, will go live in the middle of April in a series of two updates. Material requirements for all Tech I ship blueprints will be updated, and new manufacturing tiers are established, making industry progression more consistent and easier to understand.

    Aftermath of the Invasion

    *"Over the course of the Triglavian Invasions, EDENCOM and the core empires became increasingly concerned by the threat of subversion of ship and capsule systems by the invading forces. The demonstrated ability of the Triglavians to infiltrate information networks and subvert key communications backbones raised the very real prospect of the capital ship and line battleship fleets of the empires being crippled by Triglavian information warfare. *

    While the empires deployed selected capital fleets to combat invasion flashpoints, and kept large guard fleets of capital ships close to their home systems, a large proportion of the fleets were rushed into refitting programs aimed at hardening their systems against infiltration and subversion. Additional refitting was also carried out to enhance crew survival systems, improve reactor core temperature regulation, and enable increased power utilization of empire naval vessels.

    Developments in these technologies were shared across the empires through the EDENCOM alliance, and inevitably some of the new resource extraction and manufacturing technology also fell into the hands of criminals and pirates. All ship designs are undergoing extensive upgrades to guard against subversion by the Triglavians in the uneasy aftermath of the invasions and the formation of the Triglavian region of Pochven." - Olivera en Zakali, Placid GalNetNews

    A significant update to industry

    The path for aspiring builders in New Eden will be clearer than ever – so if you have ever thought about getting into industrial production, this is a good time to start! In addition, experienced builders will have a new set of challenges to rise to in their field of expertise.


    Requirements for a given ship will be determined by a variety of factors, including tech level, ship category, hull type, size, and purpose, among other things. Based on these factors, each ship will be given a tier, and their material costs updated accordingly.

    These changes will: - Create more robust and interesting manufacturing progression - Allow for better compartmentalization in the manufacturing process between subcapitals, capitals, and supercapital ships - Revitalize the importance of R4 moons - Normalize the value proposition between different activities in EVE - Increase the importance of wormholes and allow wormholers to be a catalyst in New Eden's environment - Positively impact capital proliferation without a significant impact on subcap markets - Impact the whole economy of New Eden, such as the pricing of a variety of items - Lay the foundations for future resource distribution

    In addition, new industry components will be required for battleships, capitals, and supercapitals. These new components will be available via reactions, blueprints, and loot drops from exploration content.

    The new reactions and blueprints for component construction will be available via NPC markets. What’s more, reprocessing material values will be updated for subcapital ships as well as for existing capital components.

    This update will be split into two different phases in April. The first update will distribute the necessary blueprints, reactions, and components that will become a requirement in ship manufacturing. This will allow for a transitional period before the second update goes live a few weeks later, when these components will become required materials in ship production.

    You can view the changes in more detail here and we supplied the preliminary SDE for the release to facilitate the transition ahead of time. This new update will be expanded to all Tech II ships in the future.

    Also coming in April

    Due to the nature of the manufacturing changes, which include introducing Mycoserocin gas as a required material in some ships, the potency of all Mycoserocin booster products is being doubled.

    In addition, the distribution of Mycoserocin gas clouds will be greatly increased and will now be included in all Lowsec systems, as well as select Nullsec systems.


    The manufacturing process for Standup Fighters will also see some adjustments. The blueprints of all Tech II Standup Fighters will now require Tech I Standup Fighters as inputs instead of Tech II Carrier Fighters, which follows the general paradigm of Tech II manufacturing.

    This means: - Carrier Fighters are removed from all Standup Fighter Blueprints - Tech I Standup Fighters are added to the Tech II Standup Fighter Blueprint

    EDENCOM module blueprints will also receive an update, with an overall reduction in the materials required as input.

    The Dynamic Bounty System will also see an increase in the average bounties across the universe.

    Finally, the Encounter Surveillance System will see an increase in the time to autopay contributors, as well as a decrease in time required to link to the main bank.

    Upcoming updates

    As was discussed in the EVE Online Ecosystem Outlook blog from last December, 2020 was a year of rebuilding - with a focus on the long-term health and sustainability for EVE, ensuring that player choices matter, that loss has meaning, and that New Eden becomes a dynamic and ever-changing place.

    This update to manufacturing, as well as the large increase in availability of Mycoserocin gas, is the start of a new era of resource distribution, using the new manufacturing requirements as a driving force. Just like the Dynamic Bounty System has been updated based on player feedback and interaction, the industry update will follow the same path and include the community in the process.

    There are more things around the corner. The mysterious keys to ESS Reserve Banks – which have been a source of a lot of speculation - will become available in Quadrant 2 of 2021. With more than 8 trillion ISK sitting in bulging bank vaults across New Eden, the race is on to see who will prevail in the struggle between the producers of wealth and the pirates who want to steal it.

    A new intel tool is also coming to New Eden in the next months, one that will offer novel defenses against covert operations in New Eden.

    Once these changes are live, focus will go towards capital mining as well as the risk-reward-attention trifecta of Nullsec combat anomalies to seek opportunities around incentivizing high-risk, high-attention gameplay such as capital ratting.


    CCP TV

    This new update, as well as an in-depth look at the EVE Ecosystem will be the topic of a CCPTV livestream on Monday 29 March at 17:00 UTC. We will be joined by members of the Ecosystem Team and we invite the community to submit their questions in advance and vote on the questions submitted by other players here.

    To join the player discussion about the above upcoming updated to the industry, please head on over to the official thread on EVE Online forums.

  • Abyssal Proving Grounds – An Assault Frigate First

    26. March 2021 12:00

    Brace yourselves, Capsuleers,

    Assault frigates are invited to the Abyssal Proving Grounds for -player FFA combat for the first time! The Abyssal Proving Grounds will be open for this very special round

    Introducing the power and durability of assault frigates to free-for-all combat will see some of the most distinct and exciting battles yet to take place in the Proving Grounds.

    For this round the permitted hulls are the Retribution, Vengeance, Harpy, Hawk, Enyo, Ishkur, Wolf, and Jaguar.

    Limitations for this round are: - Modules limited to meta level 5 and below - No pirate implants

    Want to be part of this adrenaline pumping EVE Online Then gather your Proving Filaments and prepare for combat of a kind previously unseen in the Abyssal Proving Grounds! As ever, you’ll be able to track Capsuleer performance in the Proving Grounds via the leaderboards.

  • Monthly Economic Report - February 2021

    25. March 2021 16:00


    The Economic Report for the month of February is now available for your viewing pleasure!

    You can download all of the raw data used in this report here. As always, each image can be enlarged by clicking on it.

    To join the player discussion, please head over to the official thread on EVE Online forums.

    0 produced.vs.destroyed

    1 regional.stats

    2 destruction.value.by.region

    2 destruction.value.by.region bar

    3 mining.value.by.region

    3 mining.value.by.region bar

    3 npc.bounties.by.region

    3 npc.bounties.by.region bar

    4 production.value.by.region

    4 production.value.by.region bar

    5 trade.balance.m3.by.region

    5a trade.balance.by.region

    6 trade.value.by.region

    6 trade.value.by.region bar

    6 trade.value.by.region barforge

    6a contract.trade.value.by.region bar

    7 imports exports

    8 net exports

    9a sinksfaucets

    9a1 top commodity faucets over time

    9aa services breakdown

    9aaa top sinks faucets over time

    9b isk.float.3

    9c velocity

    9d economy.indices

    9d economy.indices.short

    9ea index.decomp.ConsumerPriceIndex

    9eb index.value.decomp.ConsumerPriceIndex

    9fa index.decomp.MineralPriceIndex

    9fb index.value.decomp.MineralPriceIndex

    9ga index.decomp.PrimaryProducerPriceIndex

    9gb index.value.decomp.PrimaryProducerPriceIndex

    9ha index.decomp.SecondaryProducerPriceIndex

    9hb index.value.decomp.SecondaryProducerPriceIndex

    destroyed value (sqrt)

    peak concurrent players

    stargate jumps

  • Friendship Week 15% off Omega Sale

    22. March 2021 18:00

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