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  • Mango Picking Season Begins

    22. September 2021 09:00

    After WWB (Beeitnam) ended, the question was in the air of what the next war would entail. Many bet that Goons would wage war against TEST. Others theorized that Fraternity would move against their long-time rival Army of Mangoes (AoM)....

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  • GM Week Is At Hand! Why Should We Care?

    21. September 2021 09:00

    Through September 24th our illustrious GMs will hold a variety of events in which players can take part.  The events are: talking streams, in-game content, and contests.  Cosplay to Kill First up we have the Dress To Kill Cosplay Contest...

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  • Beeitnam: A Retrospective

    15. September 2021 09:00

    For the last 62 weeks, action around New Eden pitted a coalition of over 100 alliances against the Imperium as they intended to invade and unseat the Imperium as the new power brokers of null sec. Some leaders declared a...

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  • New Quadrant Begins: Gateway

    14. September 2021 13:21

    CCP announced today the beginning of EVE Online’s third Quadrant of the year, the Gateway Quadrant. Gateway brings at the beginning enhanced experiences for new players which were first announced on August 24 and have been in testing on Singularity....

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  • Two Faction Titans in One Night

    14. September 2021 09:00

    Dock Workers (DOCK-)and friends pulled off a remarkable bait and trap in Turnur, Metropolis, killing a Molok, Vanquisher, and a number of other capitals. The battle, which took place over an Athanor, saw a dramatic escalation from a battleship engagement...

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  • Netflix and Chillback

    13. September 2021 09:00

    Now that the war has ended, I wanted to tell the story of how every man in the war counted and how a line member became a leader and then became the bogey man.

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  • Keepstars Online

    12. September 2021 09:00

    The current stagnation in EVE Online is partially due to game design mishaps and mistakes. Current game mechanics show even more problems than ever before. But what makes these changes most noticeable is the huge difference in gaming opportunities when...

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  • AT17: The Feeder Round Results Roundup!

    10. September 2021 09:00

    On the weekend of September 4-5, Alliance Tournament XVII kicked off in earnest, with fifty-one teams fighting it out in a single-elimination format for only sixteen main bracket places. The two packed days began at 1400 EVE, with matches taking...

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  • A Holiday in Pochven

    9. September 2021 09:00

    The Labor Day sun streamed in the window as I squinted at my monitor, twiddling with the menus to turn the brightness up as I couldn’t see a dang thing in this new place I’d filamented into.  After 13 months...

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  • Beeitnam: Week 61

    6. September 2021 09:00

    Week 61 was down again after week 60’s still busy action. INN tracked 14 hostile actions, a more normal week in line with previous months. Delve was largely home to the action, but nearly all of the action was structure bashes...

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