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  • A War of Accretion

    25. October 2020 08:00

    Celestial bodies form through accretion and die from entropy. And wars are not always won or lost in a major battle; after losses soldiers don’t always give in to attrition. Sun Tzu said in The Art of War that “the...

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  • CCP Introduces Dynamic Bounties

    24. October 2020 09:00

    CCP has released a string of developer news recently teasing at new directions for some long ignored mechanics. The latest such announcement is the Dynamic Bounty System (DBS), which will redistribute ratting bounties on the fly in accordance with player...

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  • Like A Vat Out Of Hel

    24. October 2020 09:00

    On Friday, October 23, CCP released a devblog entitled “Vat Out Of Hel,” providing some details regarding the Phoenix Quadrant’s first major balance changes to supercapitals. These changes were hinted at in the quadrant’s announcement blog alongside a fun and...

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  • The Giant is Awake

    22. October 2020 09:00

    “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” – Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, architect of the Pearl Harbor attack After the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, those were...

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  • Sedition’s Ambition

    21. October 2020 09:00

    As the war between the Imperium and PAPI, and their attendant media voices, cast a shadow over southern New Eden, smaller groups have taken advantage of the sunlight elsewhere and prospered. Null blocs are used to their actions being memed...

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  • World War Bee: Week 15

    19. October 2020 09:00

    Week 15 of World War Bee had 13 battles and 18 total hostile actions, per INN’s tracking, roughly on par with last week’s 12 battles and 20 hostile actions. Querious and Delve dominated the headlines with multiple major fights in...

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  • PAPI Keepstar in YZ9-F6 Comes Online

    18. October 2020 22:00

    Delve: 6-UCYU: YZ9-F6: At approximately 1830 EVE on October 18, a Keepstar was successfully onlined by PAPI forces. This latest attempt to online a Keepstar comes on the back of several weeks of thick fighting in the NPC portion of...

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  • The Second Battle of 319: Quantum Core Version

    18. October 2020 16:13

    Fleets from the Imperium destroyed the first Keepstar ever to require a Quantum Core on Friday, Oct. 17, 2020. This Keepstar, located in 319-3D of NPC Delve, was the fourth such citadel destroyed by the Imperium since Oct. 5. Pandemic...

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  • Opportunities Revisited

    18. October 2020 09:05

    Call me old fashioned, but I firmly believe that when someone publicly excoriates a person for some failing and is proven to be wrong, that person should eat some crow—publicly. Please pass the ketchup. Asher engaged not only with aggression...

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  • ♫I guess I’m a Goon now♪

    18. October 2020 09:00

    I first subscribed to EVE in November 2005. To put that into perspective, my character was seven months old when Goonswarm was founded, and four and a half years old when GSF came into being. But don’t worry, this piece...

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