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  • Kirith Kodachi: Welcoming the New Triglavian Overlords

    27. May 2018 23:27

    New dev blog, this time about the new Triglavian ships coming in 4 days. Into the Abyss will include the Damavik Frigate, the Vedmak Cruiser, and the Leshak Battleship. These will be supported with a full line of small, medium and large Entropic Disintegrators as well as Entropic Radiation Sinks to upgrade their damage [...]
  • Provi-Bloc/Legacy Strikes Back

    26. May 2018 10:03

    (The Author of this article is an active member of Provi-Bloc that has been involved in the struggle to liberate his homeland. Any views expressed here is that of the author and not the corporation, Alliance, coalition, or that of Evenews24) It has been roughly 5 and half months since the conflict in Providence f [...]
  • Patch Notes For EVE Online: Into The Abyss

    25. May 2018 19:26

    Patch Notes For EVE Online: Into The Abyss 1.0 Released on Tuesday, May 29th 2018 _Features & Changes Abyssal Deadspace: Abyssal Deadspace is now available to capsuleers across New Eden. For a full overview of this feature see this Dev Blog. Abyssal Deadspace is a totally new time-limited solo PVE feature that can be [...]
  • Dev Blog: Update to the Recommended Specification

    25. May 2018 19:24

    If you would like to discuss this dev blog, you can do so over on the EVE Online forums in this comments thread. Next Tuesday, on May 29th 2018, we will be releasing the latest expansion to EVE Online – Into The Abyss. This release will contain a significant visual update focused on the environm [...]
  • Propaganda Thursdays: Siege Green Nabs a Titan Kill.

    25. May 2018 00:32

    This past Tuesday morning Siege Green caught their first ever Avatar kill in the Crielere solar system of the Sinq Laison region. The ship itself belonged to Decres Draconem of House Of Serenity. and pretty much melted when faced with Siege Green’s supercapitals. The Avatar was caught at the Rancer gate of the aforementioned s [...]
  • Legion of xXDEATHXx Keepstar down in Insmother.

    24. May 2018 22:33

    The death of a Keepstar citadel is always a noted event in New Eden. The fact that the top tier citadels are nigh indestructible and the coordinated attacker’s effort that is needed to take one down makes such kills a rarity in EVE Online despite their recent proliferation. Today the 88A-RA Keepstar in Insmother belon [...]
  • Dev Blog: Triglavian Technology – Ships & Weapons

    24. May 2018 19:56

    If you'd like to discuss this dev blog, feel free to head on over to the comments thread on the EVE Online Forums! The Triglavians are almost here! We announced this strange new line of ships at Fanfest just over a month ago and as we approach their release on May 29th we wante [...]
  • Showcase: Disaster hits Legacy Co. in Wicked Creek

    24. May 2018 09:33

    On Sunday we live blogged for about 4 hours what ended up being the second most massive (in term of ship losses) fight ever in EVE Online. #wickedcreek Tweets The story begins with an ill-fated move op from Legion of xXDEATHXx toward their new home. If you ever participated in a move op and wond [...]
  • Kirith Kodachi: More Thoughts on Abyssal Space

    21. May 2018 19:35

    As the pressure of a busy spring begins to fade, and I am finally recovered from two weekends in a row camping in the woods with hordes of crazy kids and not enough blankets (I swear, I slept so poorly I swear my face felt like it was melting last Sunday), my interest in [...]
  • Dev Blog: Alliance Tournament 2018 – Rules and Sign-Ups

    18. May 2018 21:05

    Tournament fans! In this blog we want to go over the timeline of this year's Alliance Tournament, how your alliance can apply to take part, and last but not least…what the rules are be this year! (To discuss the contents of this blog please head over to this comment thread) There will be more informa [...]
  • The Mindset of a Player

    18. May 2018 17:46

    Have you ever noticed the large numbers of military people that play EVE Online? Or the seemingly high numbers of people with IT backgrounds? As a military Vet myself I have always been pleasantly surprised by the number of fellow military men and woman that play the game. Then after over a year of pla [...]
  • Dev Blog: Abyssal Deadspace – What Lies Beyond The Filament

    18. May 2018 14:40

    If you'd like to discuss this dev blog, you can do so in the comments thread on the official forums, here. Late last year, Professor Mayor of CONCORD's Project Discovery reported a series of unusual energy spikes to CONCORD's Inner Circle.Follow up work mapped these energy spikes to POCKETS of space-time, similar to the spa [...]
  • EVE Panda – A new mobile app for EVE

    15. May 2018 09:15

    Editor’s note: This article is to become part of a series based around 3rd party applications and developers. As most will probably know by now the EVE community is built up of a lot of technically gifted people who have experience in computing outside of the EVE Universe, in fact I imagine a lot s [...]
  • Updated: PHEW Director Rebels, Trashes Keepstar During Exit

    14. May 2018 19:53

    In the early morning of 12th May, PURPLE HELMETED WARRIORS Director DarkLordKarn removed the clone bay of the Camal Keepstar, destroying all jump clones. He also emptied the corporation hangars including about 45bil in assets made up of 5 fitted FAX, 2 Rorquals, and a cache of HICs and Guardians. Also lost was 20bi [...]
  • The Panic Podcast – Episode 5, The Anniversary

    9. May 2018 16:55

    EVE Online has officially turned 15! Over those years, the game has changed, evolved and adapted to the steadily growing community dedicated to this unique MMO and the world of New Eden. Today, on this special episode of The Panic Podcast, we go through our experiences with EVE, highlight a few key events that [...]